Free Wifi In Bangkok Airport

Actually, you can't find free wireless Internet connection at Bangkok's Airport. You can find a lot of open network, but you need to have a login id and password, so meaning that most of it is paid service. Not fun man! Airport should have provide free Wifi to travelers and anyone.

Thanks stickman guides on helping me accessing the "free" wifi at Bangkok Airport.


When you are at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport, you will find a lot of wifi network, one of them is aotwifi.

Connect yourself into the network.

Start your web browser, I recommend Mozilla Firefox. Get Firefox with Google Toolbar for more secure browsing.

You will now land on a page where you are require to key in your login username and password.

Just type test for username and test for password.


You are now ready to surf the Internet. =) Happy surfing.
I am now getting fed up on running Photoshop. I don't know what had happened to my PC, few days ago, it can't power up, everytime I turn on, nothing show on screen. Now even though it can start, I can run my photoshop, when I try using Magic Wand/Lasso or Crop, my whole PC goes hang or shut down. Something wrong with my hardware I think, I definitely need to power up my PC with more rams or maybe a new PC. But I am sure my dad won't get me a new PC because my PC is still running fine. =( All the upgrades work only can start after my school exam ends which at October. Let's hope the time goes faster then "It's Upgrade Time!". I need 1 stick of 1GB ram and a AGP DirectX10 GPU. Wonder how much will it be .
Hi guys, sorry for not posting anything on the past few days, I have been away to Thailand for travel. You can read my blog for my travel experience. Stay tune, great posts are on the way.

Add Search Bar For Blogger MistyLook

In my previous templetes, there isn't a search bar or navibar on top for people to search through my blog. I was looking at my blog, and wanted to find some old articles that I wrote, I realised that I should have a search area for people to make a search, so it will be easier.

When I changed my templates to MistyLook yesterday, I saw that this MistyLook ported to Blogger version by Blogcrowds is not 100% the same as the one on Wordpress. This Blogger version don't have the search bar on top right corner of the page and the feed icon below the navigation tab area.

I thought of adding the search bar into this template. I copied the search bar code from Wordpress based blog using MistyLook. No luck, I have the search bar on, but I got no result when I search.

So, I added search widget to the sidebar.

From that, I made some tweaks to the search bar above, and it's now working like a charm. Just like the original Wordpress MistyLook theme with the search bar on top.

If you are using the MistyLook Blogger template, then look for this lines (navigation tabs) :
Then add this lines of code after the next tab :
If you are not using MistyLook, you can try too.

For adding Search Widget on the sidebar, just click here and scroll down the page for Search Widget.

In conclusion, a blog should have a search bar so that reader can search through posts they wanted to find easily.

A New Look Again

I was doing my revision for my coming school exam and I was feeling bored of it, so I decided to check out some templates site to see any new blogger template uploaded. Oh gosh, I found a very popular Wordpress based template, MisyLook at BlogCrowds. BlogCrowds is famous for porting Wordpress theme to a Blogger version and they just update their site with new look and more templates for download.

If you reads John Chow, then you know I am using the same templates as him, almost the same yet still Wordpress one have additional features. I haven't have time to edit my blog banner yet. I always hate to start Photoshop in my computer because it will causes my system to run very slow due to lag of ram. I need a stick of 1GB ram! Currently my computer have only 512MB of ram, and most of the time, my Mozilla Firefox suck most of the memory.

I think this will be a better template at the moment and I will stick with it. 2 column might be hard for me to categorize my sidebar, but I'll try to figure it out later. See ya!

Weekly Earning Report Has Become MONTHLY Earning Report

Hello, I didn't do the weekly earning report with you guys this week. I had decided to make a detail report by the end of the month and it will be monthly basis from now onwards. Well, this is because that the earning is not much, and you can't really see the different of amount of money I earned, the number is small. Maybe with a month time, I can earn more, then every month, I will get different amount of earning. Being a new blogger making money online is hard, need to do a lot of research, reading and writings. Let's wait and see how much will I earn by the end of the month.
For previous earning report you can see here :
Official Earning Report : Week 1
Official Earning Report : Week 2


I Use Gmail, How About You?

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.What free email service are you using? I am using Gmail.

I believe a lot people out there also uses Gmail. As for me, I think Gmail is the best free email service. Best of the best. I don't really set up Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook or any other email program to read my email. I just point my web browser to Gmail because it's fast and smooth. The UI is very simple, easy to use and navigate.

My first email was Hotmail, I don't like it though even though they just upgraded to Live Mail, it's not as smooth as Gmail. When composing mail with Hotmail, they place ads at the signature area. That sucks man although nobody would every bother it. I am still using Hotmail, as my Windows Live Messenger account, but I don't ask people email anything to me to that account.

Then I have tried Yahoo Mail, at least it's better than Hotmail. Quite fast too. Though, Yahoo also have a line of ads at the signature area like Hotmail. Not fun lah. Some more, Yahoo wants you to pay for a Pro account for larger attachment and pop access. Boo!

Gmail is the best. POP access for free, 20mb sending attachment, 2.8GB storage and counting, Gtalk build in, simple, easy to navigate around. =)

How about you?
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In school, I don't really talk to my friend about making money online. If I tell them about it, they sure will tell me it's impossible unless you sell thing in eBay. They know eBay! Thanks Transformers, a lot of my classmate know about eBay now.

Last time, they don't even know about site that can sell or buy things, they only know you can BUY things on the net but don't know what site. Many of them still actually don't know how these very big, extremely big company like MSN, Yahoo!, Google make money online.

I was noob also, when my teacher ask about what is the most popular online store in the net, I said eBay. I was wrong, actually it is Amazon! Now I know what's a eBay is, eBay is a place that allow you to set up your own stalls, sell and buy stuff.

Well, besides writing paid post, delivering great contents, selling ads space in your site/blog, clicking on ads, you can sell things online and make some money.

What things can you sell online?
Those all junks in your bedroom lying under your bed which are still in good conditions, like toys, video games, decorative items, teddy bears, unwanted usable computer hardware. Since you don't use it, don't throw away, try selling online, maybe someone get attracted by your item.

Besides that, if you know a supplier of anything, try to get a little stock from him and sell them online. Nowadays, people do like this because they no need to open a shop to sell things. Just set up your little online store at ebay or Yahoo Auction, then start selling.

Where can you sell those?
Very popular eBay. You watch Transformers, then you'll know.
Yahoo! Auction. My brother uses it in Singapore. Too bad, Yahoo! Malaysia don't have it's own Yahoo! Auction.
For local Malaysian, most popular one is, better than eBay Malaysia.

Have I sold anything online?
Seriously, no. I really got nothing to sell. I love my video games collection, don't want to sell it out or give it away. I can't really find any junk in my bedroom. maybe if I do, I'll definitely will sell it. Who don't want to make money? =D

So, I just want to tell you that you can make money online by setting up your own online stores too!

How to run your own Justin.TV in Malaysia or Any Country

Heard of Justin.TV before? I wrote about it before long long time ago, er, not very long. I am fan of, very cool.

Well, I have think about how to run your own in Malaysia. We don't have EVDO wireless broadband here, but we do have 3G. Edge too, but Edge might bit too slow. It will be best with HSPDA.

First of all, you must get yourself a portable laptop with high capacity battery. A very light one and feel comfortable when carry around and also a web camera with build in microphone.

Then, get yourself subscribe to 3G/HSPDA unlimited data plan, either via Maxis or Celcom. I myself would recommend Maxis because my area have HSPDA for speed as fast as 1.8mbps, but Celcom have more coverage over other states.

AFAIK, only a few states in Malaysia have HSPDA service, Penang and Kuala Lumpur. There are many states have 3G coverage already, like Kuching, Johor, Perak, Kedah, Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

Now, get a cell phone which last longer when 3G connection on OR best with a HSPDA adapter for your laptop. Why it's best using HSPDA adapter? Because most phones suck a lot of battery usage when 3G on, so like standby time can go until 3-5 days but with 3G on, I think is half to a day.

Last part, set up the Internet connection, wear your cam over your head or anywhere, start broadcasting at or request invitataion at then start your broadcasting. Pack everything into your bag and start moving =D.

NOTE : Not only Malaysian can do this, if you are from other country and have 3G connection or EVDO then you can have YOURS.TV broadcast on the net and show the world your interesting 24/7 life.

Well, you can make money with it as long as there are viewers that watching you. Sponsors will come and look for you very soon. Look at Justin, he is making money from his sponsors.

That's all and it's a simple guide for you to make your own Justin.TV, hope you will like it.

Busy Days

Hi all, I am quite busy this few days with school works which means that I would not be blogging so much. I just can't stop myself from blogging, it is so much fun, but my mom wanted me to concentrate on my study. Well, I will try my best to bring you tips on making money online and technology.

If you are a student in high school, you can join Young Enterprise program, if your school has it. Basically, you will learn how to run a company, be part of a company and gain knowledge and communicating skills when selling things to the customer. So, besides making money online like me as a student, you can also join clubs like this in school to make money TOO!

A List of Social Bookmarking Sites

Here is a list of social bookmarking site where you can submit a site or a blog post to it and share with the world. Well, if you are hardworking enough, submit every of your post to all the site below and I am sure you will get lots of new reader.

I am not so hardworking, so I use OnlyWire. I don't know did all my post submitted, but I am pretty sure that it helps a bit on bringing new reader to my blog. PageRank: 7/10 | Alexa: 1 PageRank: 8/10 | Alexa: 80 PageRank: 8/10 | Alexa: 159 PageRank: 9/10 | Alexa: 504 PageRank: 8/10 | Alexa: 882 PageRank: 8/10 Alexa: 1,223 PageRank: 7/10 | Alexa: 1,706 PageRank: 6/10 | Alexa: 2,141 PageRank: 7/10 | Alexa: 3,166 PageRank: 6/10 | Alexa: 3,516 PageRank: 7/10 Alexa: 3,681 PageRank: 7/10 | Alexa: 6,016 PageRank: 7/10 | Alexa: 7,117 PageRank: 7/10 | Alexa: 10,262 PageRank: 6/10 | Alexa: 10,105 PageRank: 7/10 | Alexa: 11,531 PageRank: 6/10 | Alexa: 12,259 PageRank: 6/10 Alexa: 15,104 PageRank: 7/10 | Alexa: 18,760 PageRank: 5/10 | Alexa: 22,278 PageRank: 3/10 | Alexa: 22,231 PageRank: 6/10 | Alexa: 26,605 PageRank: 7/10 | Alexa: 45,299 PageRank: 6/10 | Alexa: 52,009 PageRank: 5/10 | Alexa: 56,592

I Have Just Signed Up For Nuffnang

Well, today is my birthday and I am truly 15 now. So which mean that I am eligible to sign up for Nuffnang. Previously, I am not allow to sign up for Nuffnang because I was underage. Now I isn't underage anymore. Hehe.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Well, Nuffnang is an online blog advertising company in Malaysia. A local Problogger here, 5xmom admire their service and she have been paid $$. I am still playing with it. Ads will not show when I inserted the code, but a real ads will only shown after 3 days after the ad campaign is completed.

You can track your blog traffic besides making money online. It's only simple site traffic tracking like how many unique user visits, and where they come from. I like this feature which Advertlets don't provide.

The make money thing starts 3 days later, so let's wait and see. Their minimum payout is at RM50 via check.

And lastly, Nuffnang is currently available for Malaysian and Singaporean.

Besides just making money, Nuffnang do sponsor bloggers get-together event in Malaysia. Read their blog for more.

So in short, if you are staying in Malayia or Singapore, and have a blog, and above the age of 15, sign up for Nuffnang now!

AdBux Is A Scam

Oh my god! is actually a scam on making money online. I didn't do a research on it. have just made a new website call and write about it on the scam, go there to read the detail on Adbux's scam. I didn't bother it much as it's not making money online for me. However, I have see 1 friend of mine made $10 with Adbux. Even though if you can make money online with it, it will be very slow. So if you were reading my blog about Make Easy Money Online with AdBux, then I am wrong. Try other stuff, don't falls into the trap of Adbux. You can always make money online with Payperpost. =)

Official Earning Report : Week 2

It's the time again. I skipped blogging a day, yesterday I was quite busy and went to the cinema. Well, another week has gone, and seriously, I want to tell you that my earning is not that good. I can hardly find paid review to write about and no earning on AdSense. Cool things is there's new source of my online income. Let's get straight into the point. As below, all I mention is in total value, I haven't touch any of the money yet. So little, I can't buy anything also.
Previous earning :
$16.80 from Smorty. (No opportunity for a few weeks already, I received opportunities via email, but when I signed in that time, it had been taken).
RM100.43 ($29.19) from Advertlets. (I wonder why it stop earning this few days. I am eligible for paycheck).
$6 from Payperpost. (Will be paid $40.26 soon, I have 0PR, so I can hardly get new opportunities).
Week 2 earnings :
$6 from Smorty.
$5 from Payperpost.
RM2 ($0.58) from Advertlets. =(
$8.13 from LinkWorth. (Haven't paid yet.)

What should be earning but not?
My Advertlets should be earning, 2 weeks ago, I get around $3-5 everyday without clicks but with high CPM, but then last week, I got like few cents a day after Advertlets fix their server even though I got almost the same amount of visitors a day but low CPM.

How about paid reviews?
Well, now I realise that a low PR or 0PR blog can hardly find opportunity to write in Payperpost. I manage to get 2 last week, when I signed in to Payperpost, I quickly take up the 2 opportunity. Until now, I still see 0 opportunity for me.

As for Smorty and Bloggerwave, I still see no opportunity for me for a LONG time already. I do receive email from Smorty about a campaign to write about, 2 days ago at 7.30pm, I was AFK for 10 minutes, then when I login to Smorty, I don't see the campaign. I think I need to install the email notifier for me so I can quickly grab that Smorty campaign.

Newly added.
Linkworth is my new source of my online income. So far, I have 1 advertiser bought a text link on my other blog (Nicholas Chan's Blog). Their payout is at $25 via check. If I successfully earn >$25 with LinkWorth then I'll use payment by check, if not, I will change to PayPal.

Traffic is not sastifying.
I need more traffic to my blog. Wish my blogs' pagerank will increase soon so I get to grab more paid review. Not much reader commented on my blog. I have removed "nofollow" in my blog, but it don't seems working, anybody can help me on that?

Make Money with Google AdSense
Have a site or blog? You can make money with Google AdSense. *ahem ahem* It's not my choice. I always login and see earning $0.00. Main reason is I don't have LOT of reader, I need more traffic. I believe in the FUTURE AdSense will make money for me. Sign up for AdSense.

Total Earning :

Pownce Invitation Giveaway


I have 5 Pownce Invitations to giveaway to my fellow readers. You need to do a short review which include at least a link to this post and my homepage on your blog. Then drop me a comment or send me an email with the contact me tab above. The first 5 person who submitted the post will get to join me in Pownce. So, it's a good one, I have seen people selling Pownce invitation in eBay, don't waste your money on it.

Please link me with the anchor text : make money online, Pownce invitation.
Here is an example of what you can write (you may copy and paste).
iNicholas is about technology, tips and tricks and helps you make money online. He is giving out free Pownce invitation to join him in Pownce. Why spending money on Pownce account at eBay when iNicholas is giving out free invitation? Check it out now.
Read my writeup on Pownce. Hope to see you guys soon in Pownce. Cheer!

Get Notified

If you don't feel like logging into you web-based email account every time you want to check mail at your desk, a notifier program can tell you at a glance if you've got new mail by alerting you straight from you desktop or taskbar.

Notifier come in many forms, from shareware to desktop widgets for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Two good options are Yahoo! Widgets offers a free Yahoo! Mail Check and Google has a free Gmail Notifier program. - New York Times Special Features.

I think that Widget is cool looking on desktop, just like the Mac OS X's dashboard. However, if your computer have little ram like me (512mb of ram only), then I don't recommend you to use widgets, my Firefox alone already used up 18xmb of ram. I don't like lagness. So, have at least a GB of ram in your computer.

As for now, I don't have a lot of email received, not a businessman or anything, so I don't need a email notifier, I can always check my email when I want to.

Widgets will be cool as you can access your main account straight from your desktop, have a to do list, calendar and more. =)

Hola, I realize that some friends out there already have a Payperpost account and so they can't get paid. If you don't have, you can be the first one to make $7.50 from Payperpost via iNicholas. So, I give a little benefits to them that can't make the $7.50, if you do a review about my blog, iNicholas, I will link you in the sidebar. So, your link are on the main page.

As for those who want to link exchange, you can contact me then I will then add you in the Link page. =)

And lastly, for those who review me for making money online purpose, or not, I'll write a post with your link on it.

I Am Now A Pownce User

First of all, I need to thanks Aidan for inviting me to join Pownce. I just wrote about Pownce recently. While, currently you can't sign up for Pownce yet as it is in beta. You need to get a invitation from a Pownce user like me =D or drop your email at the main page and wait for Pownce team to invite you.

I think Pownce is pretty cool. It's like MySpace/Facebook, I have my own Pownce page and I post all my short messages there. Besides that, I can also post links, upload file and events to share with my friends on my network at Pownce.

There is a Pro account which requires you to pay $20 for a year for these features :
  • Send files up to 100 MB
  • No advertisements
Well, I am not going to waste my money on that. I am ok with ads but sending files up to 100MB? I haven't try sending a file yet. =) Maybe someone want to sponsor me a Pro account, then I'll give it a try. Hehe

Like Twitters, there is a program for you to download into your computer. Mac OS and Windows supported. The program is quite nice looking. Before you install, you need to have Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) only you can install the little software on your computer for you to post message, links, events, and files. If you don't have AIR, you can download from their site.

However, Pownce doesn't have a widget for your website like Twitter. I believe maybe they will make one in the future.

Newly updated : Pownce is more likely like a social networking site like MySpace and Facebook with Twiiters. =D

Watch E3 Live

Do you know E3? The Electronic Entertainment Expo? This year has been downsized to E3 Business and Media Submit and not open to public. However, you still get to catch the Live Press Conference of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo on the Internet. Still remember last year I stay up until 1am to watch the Nintendo Press Conference Live. Guess I have to do it again tomorrow. But for Microsoft Press Conference, I am lucky, it's going to start in 5 minutes time here in the morning. Here are a few sites that you can watch the press conference live from the scene at Santa Monica.
  • - One of the more reliable choices around, GameSpot always has great coverage of these events.
  • G4TV - Not available on the site itself, G4TV will be airing the conference via television. That means you can DVR any wacky mishaps!
  • - Team Ziff will be broadcasting through 1UP of course! Which means only half of you will be able to load it.
  • - Surprisingly, GameTap will be airing the conference as well through their video portal.
Well, as for me I am watching through GameSpot because my broadband speed is not stable. If you want to get a clearer video, choose 1UP, it's much more clearer than GameSpot. However, if you are a subsriber to Gamespot Premium, you can watch HD format. If you have cable tv at home, just tune into G4TV, sadly here in my place don't have G4TV. Last time used to have Tech TV but later don't know why they removed it.

Here are also some sites that you can view live coverage of E3 events :

LinkWorth Make Money Too

Have you heard about LinkWorth before? I just started trying LinkWorth recently. LinkWorth is a Internet Advertising company like Google Adsense, Text Link Ads and PayPerPost. You can choose from different format of ads to place on your site, you can sell text link, write paid post and their affiliate service which allow you to make money online by refering LinkWorth to others.

Well, so far, I have submitted 2 blogs into LinkWorth, my personal weblog and iNicholas. An advertiser already bought a link to be place on my personal website. Yay, it will be another source of my online income.

[image] a link space bought by advertisers at my blog.

It's payment system is like this, if you sell text link on your blog, you set your own price and LinkWorth will pay you 70% of the price you set. You know, I have my blog approved at Text Link Ads for months but no advertiser want to buy links at my site, most probably because 0PR (It used to be PR3 but after getting a domain, it become 0PR again), but with LinkWorth, after a few weeks, I sold a link at my blog. Happy of course.

The more visitors to your blog, the more you sells. As with LinkWorth, they don't care about PageRank, Technorati Ranking so much, but care about how many Visits per month, the more the better.

Besides that, if you have multiple blogs and submit all, you get a chance to earn more. I haven't install the ads code yet, may try in the future. LinkWorth pays you via PayPal Check or direct deposit (US Banks Only) and its minimum payout rate for check is $25 which is get paid faster than Google AdSense.

Basically, LinkWorth consist all kinds of ads publishing format from contextual ads, paid post, and text link. I think it's kinda cool and worth it to give it a try as it will be another source of your online income. Sign up for LinkWorth now! It's very easy to make money online.

FeedBurned Pro Now FreeBurner

Last time, before Google bought FeedBurner, there are 2 service that require an amount of money in order to use its feature which is the FeedBurner Stats Pro and MyBrand. Now, you can use the 2 PRO feature for FREE. Well, before that I also don't notice more about the pro feature, but now since it's free, I'll give it a shot.

FeedBurner Stats PRO
PRO is feed analytics taken to the next level. You will now have access to the number of people who have viewed or clicked individual content items in your feed and “Reach,” which estimates the daily number of subscribers who interacted with your feed content. You can turn this on by signing in to your account, navigating to the Analyze tab and heading to the FeedBurner Stats PRO section. Click the "Item Views" checkbox to activate these PRO features.
This feature is cool, but I don't have much reader yet. Well, if you stumble across my blog, why not subscribe to my feed for your reading pleasure? =)


Another Pro feature, this one is like having your feed address to me customize. For example, you use name). [note : iNicholas dot Net is not ready yet] If didn't use my brand, it will be Nothing much fancy me, but might be cool because it match your domain. FYI, you need to have a hosted website's domain in order to use this feature.

I still haven't try it yet, but I will give it a try soon when I am free. =) Have a great great day!

Love Malaysia Contest

Contest contest contest ! Here is a contest for Malaysian. Very easy, just place the weLoveMalaysia icon code in your blog and wait to be spotted by Exabytes. You stand a chance to win a Sony Ericsson W850i Handphone, and x8 Consolation Prize which is a set of Wireless mouse and Keyboard worth RM100.

Sounds easy man! I am joining the contest. Do take a look at the icon on your bottom right and click it to check it out. We love contest.

For those who don't know about Exabytes, Exabytes is a webhosting company that provides good service and nice web hosting plan. Recently they have one that only pay RM300(around $80) per year and get 300GB of storage, quite a good deal right?

If Izwan never tell me about John Cow, I never know that it exist. Some one out there created a parody blog about John Chow the Dot Com Mogul call John Cow Dot Com. At first, i thought it was a fake, but the site really exist and have lots of interesting post about making mooney. was initially planned as a parody on the popular blog In the process of acquiring the domain an idea came to life. Why not adapt the winning formula and amplify it’s achievements? Using the platform John Chow uses as a tribute to his marketing skills? We will keep an eye out on the Internet’s biggest moooney-makers and publish their best ideas, projects and work. All so that you have a one-stop-shop for your entrepreneur’s needs. Hope you’ll enjoy as much as we do. And don’t forget: Milk is good for you!

Somehow, that site is getting more and more popular and have 58 feed reader compare to my noob blog =( which only has 6 feed readers. Why I at first didn't think of making John Cow Dot Com? Haha, just kidding. Some people hate John Chow because he makes lot of money online. Well to me, I think John Chow is another site for me to learn how to make money online.

John Cow also provides tips on making money online, cool huh? So, mooo, anyone?
Wow, it's 12.21am right now. Anyway, this is my First Official Earning Report. The previous one, is UNofficial. I decided to make a official one to share with you guys how much I have earned. So far I have not make much money online, because I am a starter, newbie to this "make money online" thing. =] For your information, this earning report is based on my 2 blogs, so the earning is not basically on this blog. If this blog is doing good, then I'll just share my earning report mainly on this blog only.
$16.80 from Smorty. (No opportunity for a few weeks already, I received opportunities via email, but when I signed in that time, it had been taken).
RM100.43 ($29.19) from Advertlets. (I wonder why it stop earning this few days. I am eligible for paycheck).
$6 from Payperpost. (Will be paid $40.26 soon, I have 0PR, so I can hardly get new opportunities).
That's all. Although it is not a big amount, I am happy that I make a little money online. Where is AdSense? I didnt write about AdSense because it is very low, $11.xx, and the earning is not increasing, everyday I login and see $0.00, so I don't want to talk much about AdSense here in the report.

Biggest earning is from Advertlets. Well, I recomment Payperpost for easy money as you just need to write a short post and get paid.

You can also make money online too!
Seems like everyone starts to have contest in their blog to attract more visitors and make them stay. I need to have a black paper bag to cover my face because I don't have a contest for you guys. I promise I will have one when I make more money online. Don't forget, you can also make money online too.

Hey, don't you making money online now?
Yes I do, with paid post, but I am saving for hosting and domain. So, I can't touch the money first. After the hosting and domain thing settle, I try to save up and get you guys something.

Talking about contest, I noticed that recently, more and more contest appear on many problogger's blog. Make Money Wtih 13 Years Old just ended his contest, John Chow seems like addicted into contest, always have contest for his reader, Blogging Secret and iCalvyn are giving out free domain and many more, I don't remember that much.

I have noticed that their winner of the contest are chosen randomly, lucky draw. You need to be lucky so that you are the chosen one. Besides that, sometimes, you are require to drop a comment to get a ticket, blog about it and get a few tickets, then do something else to get another more tickets. After you got MANY tickets, you will stand higher chance to win or get to join the LUCKY DRAW.

So, I believe having a contest will have more people to post comment, make them stay to see if any other contest coming soon, they will also then blog about your contest at their blog, eventually you get new visitors to join your contest. It's a new way to gain traffic and make your blog more popular. Cheer! Hope you have a contest, very soon! =D

Pownce Pwn Twitter

Creator and the man behind Digg, Kevin Rose just started a new Twitter-liked thing call Pownce.Why Kevin so creative? Why he have a good brain to start a new thing up? is one of the Google AdSense top paid site, 6 figure income per month. I want to be like him one day!!

Let's get back. I have Twitter account but I didn't use it much. Hehe. Don't know why, but now I am waiting for Pownce invitation. As for now, Pownce is only open to invited members. You can submit a request for invitation at the site or ask someone who have Pownce account to invite you.

Pownce friends

What you do with Pownce is, it's like Twitter, you post a short message saying what you are doing now and share it with the world, your friend, your fans. You can also send files, links and events to your friends, create a network of the people you know and then share stuff with them. There are different theme to set for your Pownce page.

Pownce Themes

What I think is, it's kinda cool because the site is better looking than Twitter. HAHAHA. Twitter is very popular now, guess I shall add Twitter here, SOON. =)

Live Earth Day

Today is a good day, 777, 07-07-07. Let's get my mind off making money for awhile and enjoy some music and watch some live video feed of Live Earth concert via MSN. There will be a lot of great artist in Live Earth concert which are held in various country, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, South Africa, China and more more.

A message from iNicholas :
That's a long title. Let's get into the topic. I have just found out why I said my blog still can't "dofollow" with comment. Now it can, 100% do follow now.

The problem is because I uses the iframe comment hack which installed the comment window into the same page of a post with iframe. With that kind of commenting system, even though the nofollow tag is removed, the comment shown in the iframe comment window is still nofollow because that iframe window is actually the popup of the comment window. I remove the "nofollow" tag in my blog, BUT not in the popup window. It's impossible to edit the html code for the popup window.

If without using the iframe hack, your comment will be show on the same page of the post not in the iframe window. So if shown in the same page of the post, the comment will "follow" because "nofollow" tag is removed in my whole blog template.

Now, it's back to the normal comment system which require you to type in a popup window. After submiting your comment, your comment will appear in the post page, then any link in the comment, or link of your name will get a linkback from here.

Still looking a solution to post comment straight from the page without popup so that it will be easier for my lovely readers. But if want to use the previous comment hack, then it will be nofollow, I better choose the hard way so that it benefits you guys.

Let's spam my comment box and get lots of linkback! Just kidding, haha.

What is a Favicon?

If you look at your address bar or at the tab area, you will see a little icon with my initial "N" on it besides my site name/address. That is the favicon.
What is a favicon?
Favicon (pronounced fav-eye-con) is short for 'Favorites Icon.' A Favicon is a multi-resolution image included on nearly all professional developed sites. Within Internet Explorer the Favicon is displayed on the Address line and in the Favorites menu. The Favicon allows the webmaster to further promote their site, and to create a more customized appearance within a visitor's browser. Often, the Favicon reflects the look and feel of the web site or the organization's logo.
iNicholas definition of Favicon : The little icon that locate beside your sitename/address in the web browser.

Having a Favicon looks cool and make your sites more pretty. Besides that, a cool favicon attracts visitors, as it is also a great way to "brand" your blog which give you more recognition in the Internet world and feel professional.

I have found out a cool tutorial that teach you how to add/change favicon to your Blogger blog. Check it out.
Thanks Jack for uploading this great template for blogger. I just change my template to a 3 column template and I love it so much. With 3 column and navigation tab above, it is easy for me to sort things out. The theme is call Garland, original is from Wordpress, then someone coded it into Blogger format. It's hard to find nice template for blogger but easy for Wordpress.

Though, problogger like Kumiko, John Chow uses 2 column blog to make money. They are so pro, but I feel that 3 column will look neater. Unless your blog is clean and less stuff at the sidebar there, then a 3 column template is good for you.

Well, I also added Favicon into this blog. A simple initial of my name "N". By the way, this blog is best viewed in a widescreen resolution.

Do you like my new blog template?

What Am I Waiting For To Get A Domain?


That is what I always tell my friend or people who want to make money online with their blog. However I did not do it. =( Actually there's a lame excuse behind this, because I am lazy and I precious my earning. Well, sometimes you guys will say, get a domain, then earn back the money for the domain name. Yes, I did think of it before. My money in my PayPal bank is enough to get a few domain name, but I didn't use it to buy it.

What am I waiting for?
As for now, I want to earn more first until it reach 100USD, then I promise I'll get myself a domain, plus WEB HOSTING for porting this blog to Wordpress. My mom don't want to sponsor me web hosting fee, she say waste money only. I find a lot of cheap web hosting, server hosted in the local Malaysia here. Although it is cheap, it only allow to host 1 domain. I have 3 blogs (iNicholas, Nicholas Chan's Blog, Made In Penang) and I want 3 to share a hosting. So, now what I have in mind is hosting with GoDaddy.

I think still have a long way to go, not so long if I put all myself into this blogging world.

Why I want to use Wordpress?
Well, Wordpress looks more professional and fierce. Haha. money maker John Chow, Kumiko, Dosh Dosh, LiewCF, 5xMom, all these probloggers uses Wordpress. Besides that, with Wordpress, I can find a lot of very very nice blog templates and plugins. While for Blogger, I can hardly find nice template. Well, I believe there are many hacks out there for Blogger, so do Wordpress. =]

I now I can buy domain first but then getting a domain with hosting is cheaper. XD It's $1.99/domain while getting a single domain without hosting is $7.99/domain.

Well, if you have some cash and plan to start a blog to make money, then you must get a domain for your blog. Because I got no cash at starting, so I need to make my own cash out of this blog. =D

For people who want to get a domain, you can try This month coupon code is BOTTLEROCKET.
Now I have a problem with the "nofollow" do follow thingy. I have already remove the rel="nofollow" tag in my blog template HTML but somehow at the comment area, the nofollow tag still appear. I don't understand why. I am still looking for a solution so solve this problem. Feel free to guide me by writing at the comment area or contact me at the Email tab above at the navigation area there. So sorry that I give the wrong information before this! I will have the nofollow thing fix soon, but it's free to drop a comment you know? Hehe

Template HTML :

Comment Window HTML source :

Added Blogrolls

I added Do Follow Blogrolls and Link Exchange Blogrolls into the Link tab above. So if you want to Link Exchange with me, your like will be appear at the Link tab above. As for Do Follow bloggers, you can also find the blogrolls of blogger who has "nofollow" tag remove there.

With a additional page for Links, this will be easy for sorting out and will look tidy on page or else all the Links at the sidebar will be very long and ugly.

Malaysian Technology Blogs Network

I just joined Malaysian Technology Blogs network in FeedBurner Networks. This network is created by for Malaysian blogger who blogs about Technology.

fanJoining Feedburner network helps you make money online as when advertisers advertise in the network. Besides that you can increase your feed readers too when people who read the feed will eventually subscribed to your blog feed too.

For blogger who want to join the network, please contact and he will send you and invitation. You must be a Malaysian, blog about Technology and update frequently. After joining the network, put badges or anything to promote the network.

Check out the network feed. If you want to advertise in the network, you can do so by clicking here.
I am a bad boy. First, I use the iframe feature for adding the comment window into the same page as a post.

Then I change to HaloScan comment system for it look.

Now, I change back to the first one again. I received an email from Tricia who make the Do Follow blogroll and get to know that HaloScan actually have the "no follow" tag on even you have deleted it in Blogger's HTML page.

That's sucks man. Sorry guys that I told you guys the wrong information. I have deleted the HaloScan commenting system in my blog and installed back the original commenting system in the same page as the post.

Don't worry of the popup comment windows, now you can write your comment in the same page you are reading and besides that, dropping a comment here gets you a linkback. The remove of "no follow" tag works with Blogger commenting system.

Besides remove of "no follow" tag not working in HaloScan, another bad thing about HaloScan is it doesn't tells you which post your reader has comment in. But with Blogger, when someone commented on a post, you will receive an email about which post and what your reader has write a comment on.

HaloScan comment only look nice as it look like commenting in a Wordpress blog. I definitely don't recommend HaloScan to you unless HaloScan improves their feature like removing "no follow", tell you which post you reader has commented in.

How To Put Advertlets Ads Between Post

Advertlets is a Malaysia blog advertising network. You place the code in your blog and then you get paid. So where is the ideal place to place your ads? I will say between post. You don't see it here because I am not ready to place the code yet, however I do place it in my personal weblog.

1. First signup/login to Advertlets.

2. Then go to blog tab.

3. Copy the 5th ad format (336 x 280 Banner) code.

4. Login to blogger.

5. Go to your blog Template, then Edit HTML

6. Tick on Expand Widget Templates

7. Look for this code :
<p class="'post-footer-line">

8. Paste the code that you have copied right after the above code.

Walla, you got your Advertlets ads show between your post.

Today, I read in Malaysia's local newspaper, The Star and surprisingly found out the Dell advertisement showing the latest upcoming model Dell XPS M1330. Before that I thought that it will be as expensive as the Sony SZ and MacBook Pro, but the price is shockingly cheaper than both of the model.

At Dell's Malaysia Website, it shows that the price start from RM3,999 but in the paper is RM5k. Actually the RM5k model include 3 Years XPS Premium Service and with higher end processor. It's quite a good deal as it is light (only 1.8kg), thin, DirectX 10 graphic processing unit and with HDMI output for HDTV and more!

Besides the classy looking XPS M1330, Dell also releases new Inspiron laptop with improved design, upgraded RAM, processor and intergrated 2.0 megapixels webcam into the LCD screen. So it's basically on par with the MacBook and with a cheaper price and better looking to previous model. There are 8 colors for you to choose from and to me, I like White, Black, Blue and Red one. But Black and White is the best.

Check out Dell Website now for more offers.
Google AdSense has just introduced an option which lets you cuztomize the look of your ad with rounded edges. You can choose from ads with slightly rounded corners, very rounded corners or the original square corner.

With rounded corner, I think it will somehow look better on some blog templates. Thus, attracting reader to take a look at the Google Ads, then when they visit the site in Google Ads, walla, you earned.
Well, people out there have been trying out with the new rounded corner Google Ads, you can also try blending the ads with your blog templates color.

There is only 1 Google ads here in this blog which is on your right at the sidebar area. I will find a suitable Google ads format only then I'll install here in this blog.

Check out Google's Official AdSense blog for more information of this new changes on the AdSense.

Increasing Blog Traffic with OnlyWire

This time I write a more detail one. Recently, I just report on I got a little increase of new visitors to this blog. I am happy. So I am sharing with you of what I have did.

All I have done is just with a few clicks. In simple, I just submitted my post into social bookmarking sites. However, there are a lot of social bookmarking sites, if you are a patience person, maybe you can submit one by one.

Return Home

If you are lazy like me, you can try out OnlyWire. With OnlyWire, you can do multiple social bookmarking submission. But before you can submit any of your post to all the social bookmarking site, you need to have a account to every one of it.

Here is a list of social bookmarking site that you can submit with OnlyWire :
Blue Dot

If you already have account for the above social bookmarking site, CONGRATULATION, you are ready to boost your site traffic. After you sign up for OnlyWire, you are require to put one of the shortcut at your browser shortcut area, mostly is below the Address bar. Drag the require link to there.

When you at your post page, click on that link then a there will be a form for you to type in the tile of post, tags and description. After typing all those, click Bookmark, and you are done. Wait to see new visitors come visit your blog.

Now, I do this with every new post I have write. 1 is to share with people what I have wrote and to increase traffic. I am not digging out my old post to bookmark because those might be outdated. Submit too much may consider as spam, if have multiple post, submit at different times, like 10 minutes later.

Tell me what do you think of it at the comment area. Smile Always ! =]
I need to create some writer-reader interactions here. So Hi readers, for your information, leaving a comment here benefits you. Why? Because I have "nofollow" tag remove here in this blog - iNicholas.

Basically it works like that, you submit a comment here, at the any link that appear at the comment area like you typed in your blog site or website at the Homepage area or inside the comment box, it will consider a blog reaction in Technorati. Meaning you gain a linkback from here, thus increasing your Technorati Blog Authority, Technorati Rank and Google Pagerank.

This is a win-win situation as I gain interaction between me and my lovely fellow reader while you gain a linkback, you know, it's free to leave a comment here. Hehe.

I believe having "nofollow" tag remove in your blog can attract more reader to leave a comment.

I Love Advertlets

Ok, this is not a sponsored post. Continue reading why I love Advertlets. Maybe for foreigners out there, not from Malaysia may not like Advertlets because the pay out currency is in RM. Whatever it is, it's part of my money making source. is an Asian blog/weblog advertising network that offers the remarkably sensible proposition of targeted, unintrusive advertising that benefits the online advertising and blogger community, as well as their readers. With Web 2.0, the Ads is prettier and cooler than other Internet ads.
Looking back at my Day 39 : Earning Report, my Advertlets earning was only RM50.81, RM50 was me doing a review for Advertlets, can say a paid post then the RM0.81 was page impressions. No click. Now I realise that if you get, lets say thousand of visitors a day to your blog, just a click you will earn a lot because your page impression is high.

Guess how much I earned now? I am near to cashout amount which is RM100. Make your guess, I will tell at my next earning report maybe by this weekend. Maybe at that time, my Advertlets earning is already over RM100 and eligible for cashout. Let me tell you, you just guess 1 number, RM9x.00, what is X number?

Besides placing ads on blog with Advertlets, sometimes they pay for reviews. Currently the ads are Malaysia and Singapore based, so you have to wait until Advertlets expand their service to other country. But note : You can signed up for Advertlets wherever you are at, and get pay. For Asia blogger, I recommends you to use Advertlets as it is easy to make money online.

Note again :
RM is Malaysia Ringgit (MYR) Use XE converter to convert RM to your local currency.
I am smiling for the for past 2 days, because there is a little traffic increase in this blog - iNicholas. So from a normal 25-50 visits per day boost to 100+ visits. Even though it is not a big number, I am happy with that.

However, I still don' see reader writing comment here. FYI, dropping a comment here will get you a linkback. ^^ I am not kidding, because I have the "nofollow" tag remove, but no spam allow.

The secret behind this little increase in traffic is some work done by me like submitting latest post in to social bookmarking site like for people to check it out (stay tune as I will guide you on how to attract more visitors to your blog with this method), reading Do Follow blog and write a comment there, ask my friends to read my site.

I hope the traffic of this blog will continue like this, constant, like 100+ visitors everyday. Then later, if I really get 100+ visitors per day to this blog, then I shall set a higher target to achieve.

I just signed up for Google Analytics for more detail traffic report, so I get my site stat from BumpZEE and MyBlogLog, both are social community for blogger.

If you have BumpZEE widget installed in your blog, a site counter at the widget will be visible by you only. So with this, you can get to know how many visitor has visits your blog today and yesterday.

OnlyWire Helps Increase Traffic To Your Site

So how does this works? You first need to sign up for accounts at all of the social bookmarking site listed in OnlyWire. Be patience, take your time and sign up slowly. Then you key in your username and password.

It is because that when you submit a site or post onto Social Bookmarking site like, Digg and more, people will come and check it out your post. There are many Social Bookmarking site out there but it takes time for you to submit one by one.

So with OnlyWire, you can submit a post to many social bookmarking site with just one click and fast loading. It helps me increase visitor to my blog and I kinda love that service. So it's another method to draw new visitors and share information with other Internet user.

Check it out now. Yay, tomorrow I am going to watch Transfomers. Haha

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