Why I Dump HaloScan Comment in Blogger?

I am a bad boy. First, I use the iframe feature for adding the comment window into the same page as a post.

Then I change to HaloScan comment system for it look.

Now, I change back to the first one again. I received an email from Tricia who make the Do Follow blogroll and get to know that HaloScan actually have the "no follow" tag on even you have deleted it in Blogger's HTML page.

That's sucks man. Sorry guys that I told you guys the wrong information. I have deleted the HaloScan commenting system in my blog and installed back the original commenting system in the same page as the post.

Don't worry of the popup comment windows, now you can write your comment in the same page you are reading and besides that, dropping a comment here gets you a linkback. The remove of "no follow" tag works with Blogger commenting system.

Besides remove of "no follow" tag not working in HaloScan, another bad thing about HaloScan is it doesn't tells you which post your reader has comment in. But with Blogger, when someone commented on a post, you will receive an email about which post and what your reader has write a comment on.

HaloScan comment only look nice as it look like commenting in a Wordpress blog. I definitely don't recommend HaloScan to you unless HaloScan improves their feature like removing "no follow", tell you which post you reader has commented in.


    On 10:10 PM Minter said...

    I am trying to rid myself of haloscan comments and get back to blogger comments (keeping haloscan trackback). can you help me?
    I use the latest new blogger.

    On 4:46 AM Anonymous said...

    your site is loading slowly..

    On 10:49 AM Anonymous said...

    и всё эе: бесподобно! а82ч

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