Leave Comments and Get Linkbacks for FREE

I need to create some writer-reader interactions here. So Hi readers, for your information, leaving a comment here benefits you. Why? Because I have "nofollow" tag remove here in this blog - iNicholas.

Basically it works like that, you submit a comment here, at the any link that appear at the comment area like you typed in your blog site or website at the Homepage area or inside the comment box, it will consider a blog reaction in Technorati. Meaning you gain a linkback from here, thus increasing your Technorati Blog Authority, Technorati Rank and Google Pagerank.

This is a win-win situation as I gain interaction between me and my lovely fellow reader while you gain a linkback, you know, it's free to leave a comment here. Hehe.

I believe having "nofollow" tag remove in your blog can attract more reader to leave a comment.


    On 7:59 AM GIR said...

    Wow, sounds like a pretty sweet deal. I'll have to see if it increases my technorati authority by anything.

    On 10:01 PM Brett said...

    Sounds good! Thanks for the post.

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