Get Paid For Blogging With Smorty

Hi all, I have just signed up for Smorty. They have already approve my blog and I am ready to write paid post. What I like about Smorty is it's simple and fast loading website which allow me to navigate through easily. When you login to Smorty, you will see a list of available opportunities on the admin page. So, you can choose any opportunities you like and then write for it and get paid to blog. For blogger who is new to making money online as you get paid to blog, Smorty can be your good start as they pay on weekly basis after your post get approved. Smorty will pay you through PayPal account. If you still don't know what I am saying, in simple, you write review and then you get paid just for blogging. Simple enough? Want to blog for money? Join Smorty now.

This is a sponsored post.
I realize many problogger's blog have a "Contact Me" link in their site. When you click it, it will bring you to a contact form which allow you to send a message to the owner of the blog.

I think it is a must to have a contact page in your blog so that whenever your reader have question or anything want to talk to you, they can just drop their message at the contact form.

This enable you to stealth your original email address and also speed up time. As to me, whenever I click an email link, my Microsoft Outlook will load very slow and make my computer laggy.

For Blogger user, there isn't a contact page for blogger. What you can do is sign up for Contactify which creates a contact page for you. When you click on the Email Me at the navigation area above, it will bring you to a new page which allows you to type in your message then send to me.

So if you got any question, you can just email me and I hope I can help you. =]
Now is 9AM in San Fransisco and still got 9 hours till consumer can get their hand on their lovely powerful iPhone. Guess what's the time now here in Malaysia? It's 12am. 9 hours later will be 9am. Darn, I can't able to catch the live scene at 6pm(9am in Malaysia) because I will be in school.

Few days ago, already have people queuing for the iPhone. 100 hours early, he must be super iPod Apple fan. Catch the live video feed of Gizmodo at San Fransisco Apple Store in the line. Justin from will be joining Gizmodo at the line too. Check out for more live video feed that is on 24/7.

2000 MyBlogLogs Project

Alvin from had created a project for MyBlogLog members. I am a member and I love MyBlogLogs.
Similar to the 2000 blogger concept but this time round it’s only for MyBlogLog members, I will be collecting up to 2000 blogger so hurry book your slot and position below it gets too long!

Let's join the fun and hope it will reach 2000 soon.
Today I talk a lot about nofollow, haha. I found a ULTIMATE list on how to remove "nofollow" tags and dofollow plugins for your blog. A wide range of blog platform supported.

Thanks Andy for writing up this.

Do Follow Bloggers

Let's join the Do Follow fun, shall we? Here is a list of Do Follow blogger that have remove "nofollow" tag in their blog. Join the fun and add yourself into the blogroll. Click here for more information. After adding yourself into the original Blogroll, drop me a comment then I also add you here.

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Kalamaf Drackonsbane
I just made some tweaks to my blog and now my blog follow you. You can get a linkback when you drop me a comment. =]

Almost all blog platforms by default have nofollow tag. No Follow is probably to fight spam as when you post a link on a comment area where that blog have No Follow, your link will not count as a linkback from that blog. Thus, does not increase Technorati Authority.

Benefits :
If remove the "nofollow" tag from your blog, whenever someone write a comment, he or she gets a linkback from this blog. It's also a win-win situation as this encourage reader to drop me a comment and he gets a linkback, which then increase Pagerank and Technorati rank.

Read here on how to remove "nofollow" tag on your blog.

After removing "nofollow" tag, your blog is now "Do Follow". ^^

Join Do Follow blog community at BumpZee now!
Recently, I wrote about my Technorati ranking and authority problem. Now it's working now and back online. Thanks to the effective support forum in Technorati. I tried to email them last time but didn't get their reply, so I decided to post my problem at their forum. Very fast, now my ranking and authority is working again. Cheer for me =]

Before :

After :
Yesterday I wrote about writing comment in the same page for blogger blog which is intergrating iframe for comment window in a the same page of a blog post. I now found out a new way to make your commenting system looks like Wordpress commenting system which doesn't requires iframe and you can just type your comment in the comment form.

You can now do this easily with Haloscan. Sign up an account at Haloscan and then click install at the submenu. Choose the blog service you use which is Blogger (New Version) then follow instruction on screen, you will have your comment form in your post very soon.

With this, your blog will look more professional and will not annoyed by popup comment.

However, I am still figuring which code to edit because at my homepage, whenever someone click on the comment a popup still appear, I need to link the comment to my post area, anybody know how to?

Ades Color Picker

Hi all, I am in blogging mode this few days and I feel like I have been blogging a lot. Anyway, here is a nice color picker called AdesClrPicker. Sometimes you want to know what a color code on a site is, you printscreen then you paste in Photoshop and then you look for the code. It's kinda hard isn't it? With AdesClrPicker, you can do the same much faster. With their small and fast color picker tool, you don't have to wait for Photoshop to load just to capture one color from the screen and the software is not expensive too, only at $9.99. Easy right? Check it out now.

make money online

By the way, Ades from Ades Design has a blog located at, you can find news and updates about web technologies and web development there.

PayPerPost Paid Me!

Now I only know the payment system of PayPerPost is in monthly basis. Yesterday night, before I went to bed, I check my Gmail inbox then surprisingly found out that they sent me an email saying that they have credited money into my PayPal account. I excited but I was too sleepy and just went to bed. Just now when came back from school, I straight go check out my PayPal account and YES! They sent me my first payment. $6, although it is quite a small amount, at least it's better than nothing right?

PayPerPost is a blog advertising service that pays you to blog. In short, you write short review and you get paid. Join PayPerPost now and start making money like me! Are you doing well with PayPerPost?
I need to thank Jack for exploring this feature. Now you can comment within post on a Blogger blog. Usually, when you want to comment in a post, you click on the Post A Comment link then a new window will pop-up or bring you into a new site which is mainly for your comment. This is one of the disadvantage of using FREE Blogger blogging service.

Reader sometimes lazy to click or dislike the popup window, thus you get less feedbacks.

While in Wordpress, user can just simply type in their name, URL and email and message at the comment box which appear in the same page of a post then hit a button, his comment will then appear.


With this tutorial by Jack, you can now post comment within the post page. This uses iframe, so below this post, you will find a little box showing the comment page which should be popup. After posting your comment, you will see it immediately. Isn't that cool?

If you have any problem, you can drop me a message at the comment area or contact me via the contact link tab above.

Link Exchange with Linky Love

I found out another cool site that writes about making money online. Great! As I can learn more while myself make money online. Linky Love is a fast growing website, everyday getting more and more traffic. Linky Love share their earning report with reader so we can know more about Linky Love. If you want to make money online, this is another site you should check it out. Cheer!

Linky Love dot net is a blog that helps you getting a higher PageRank and make money online.If you review Linky Love, she will add your link and send you lots of traffic.

If you are new to blogging and want to know how to make money on the Internet, then visit Linky Love, ask for help and a link exchange!

Ok last time I had a problem with my Windows Live Messenger. It always sign in sign out sign in sign out. So annoying and make my computer so laggy. Last Friday, I scan my PC with Spyware Doctor and clear all the stupid spyware, surprisingly on that night, my WLM didn't sign out. Happy of course, but now the problem come back again. I somemore scan virus, 0 threats, don't know why I got this problem! I can't chat with my friend smoothly already, it will separate us for a few minutes then only can chat back. Sigh.
Scary. 2 days ago, was hacked. The site that I read often about making money online and technology. So what he advise people out there who uses Wordpress always upgrade your Wordpress to the latest version.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Anyway, the site is back online. Luckily I am using Blogger service, there are disadvantages and sounds so unprofessional, but I will soon ported this blog to Wordpress when I save enough money for hosting.
One of the method that will help you gain a little traffic and draw some new visitor to your website is by Blog Hopping. Blog Hopping is actually that you goes around blog, then you leave a message at someone's tagboard or comment area. From this blog, you click on the link to another blog then click on link from another blog to ANOTHER blog. You hop here hop there.

When you leave a message at someone's tagboard, somehow the owner of the blog will check out your blog. I don't have a tagboard here. Will install soon. Or if don't have tagboard, you hop to other blog, then you didn't even read the content you hop to another blog again, then your little avatar will appear on the Blog Social Service like BumpZee, BlogCatalog, MyBlogLog.

Does doing these really help you gain traffic?
I think is yes BUT.
Ok, let's talk about yes. When you tag somebody, curiosity of someone will make him come to your site and take a look. If he is a avid blogger, he somehow will read your post and comment you. Then you gain a new visitor. If keep doing this, more and more curious people will come to your site. But this take a lot of times, don't be lazy, make money online need patience, haha.

BUT, when you do these - tagging, hopping, comment unrelated to topic. People will just think that you are trying to gain traffic. Message like this : Cool blog, visit mine too! or You got a nice site. Check out mine :), people sure think you are drawing traffic and not really reading his blog.

Try leaving different message. Read his post, discuss about it or say your opinion on it, then only in the end ask him to visit your blog, or don't, because there is a link on your name when your post a comment/tag.

I do blog hopping and it works, but I always lazy. Haha. Hey I shouldn't be lazy. But it's the best to deliver good content rather than non-updated blog and then do blog hopping just for gaining traffic.

My Technorati Problems

Do you use Technorati? I have 5 blog register with Technorati. If you don't know what is Technorati, then I'll tell you what it is now. Very simple, Technorati is one of the blog ranking site like Alexa or Google Page Rank, and then it's also a blog directories where you can find lots of cool blog, a blog search. Higher Technorati rank means easier to get accept for ad publisher account and higher pay post.

Even one of my very old retired blog have 3 authority.

I don't why I have this problems. I have blogs link to this site, but at Technorati it shows "No authority yet" although they show 134 blog reactions which mean 134 blog link to this site.

I tried contact Technorati but no reply from them. Now I just submit a post regarding the problem at their forum and waiting for people's help and reply. If I my authority doesn't gain, my Technorati rank will be low and I will be rejected when signing up ad publisher service.

Do you face this problem too? Or you know any solution that can help me?

Make Money Online List

I now come up with a list advertising service, sponsored review and other source that can help you make money online. FYI, all of this is safe.

1. Google Adsense
The very popular, used by many user in many site and blogs. You place the contextual ads on your site then when someone click on it, you earn. You can also earn by referring products when like Firefox, Google Pack, when people download and install the program, you will earn $1. After you accumulate $100, you are ready to cash out, your payment will be send by check via post.

2. Text Link Ads / TLA
If you have a new blog, you will probably be rejected unless your blog got real GOOD traffic. So, if you got a blog that always have readers and new visitors, it's good to sign up for TLA. When your blog is approved, you place the link code in your blog. Then wait for Advertiser to buy link on it, no click is require. You get payment every end of the month. Rejected? Nevermind, try their Affiliates program.

3. Advertlets
Advertlets is a Malaysia based Internet advertising company. It's not contexual ads, but it need visitor to do a poll on the poll+ads area which user place on his site. Then according to the poll, Advertlets will decide which ads to show on the site. This is more for Asian user as the advertisement still more for Malaysian. Not a good choice because the payout currency is in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) which is lower than US$. Anyway, you can give it a try.

4. Nuffnang
Like Advertlets, it is made in Malaysia. It's only for Malaysian and Singapore. Nuffnang promised to extend their network to other country in the future. Their payout rate is RM50/S$50. They often organize event like special movie screening, bloggers gathering for bloggers here.

5. Adbrite
Ok, I didn't use this before. According to KUMIKO, this is not recommended. However, I see many sites using this ad service. Maybe you can give it a try then let me know whether it's good or not.

6. Friend Finder
Looking for chat partner or life partner? Join Friend Finder now. You will think, HUH? How to make money with Friend Finder? It's easy, just invite your friend to join FriendFinder, and every woman signed up you'll get $2 while man $1. So good right? Can meet new friends and make money at the same time.

7. PayPerPost
The kinda famous paid post website. I used this too. Earning some money from it. For blog with 0 pagerank, you can find opportunity for as low as $5 to write about, then with that money at least you can get yourself a domain for you blog. 5xmom earned $9k from writing paid post. So why don't you start making money online with it? So easy, write, submit, wait for payout. This is good for bloggers, as you can blog while earning money just with some writings.

8. Smorty
Another paid post company. Still got many paid post company below. This is one of it. I tried Smorty a few weeks ago, and Smorty is the first one to pay me. I earned my first dollar online with Smorty. They payout very fast, weekly based and not monthly.

9. Bloggerwave
Paid post service. A kinda new service and I got 2 post approved already. Can't wait for the payout by the end of the month.

10. Blogsvertise
Not much to say. Another paid post service. Got paid by them.

11. Sponsored Review
Although it is a paid post service, it works like this, you look for an advertiser than you place your bid on the post. When the advertiser approve your bid, you ready to blog then submit then wait for approval and payout again.

12. Adbux
You don't need to place any code on your site. What you are require to do is click on ads and refer your friend to join. It's the easiest way to make money online

13. ClickForCents
Similar with Adbux, but each click is different $ instead of all ads in Adbux is $0.01.

14. Xpango
Not making money online but it is getting free gift online. You invite your friend to sign up, every sign up helps you earn a credit. You need the credit to get your free gift like Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii, LG Prada, Nokia mobile phone, PSP, iPod and more.

15. LinkWorth (thanks Stoddart)
It's like combination of Adsense and PayPerPost. You sign up and you can choose from a few service they offered like paid post, ads on your site. From the site, it says that you earn 70% of ad revenue. Pretty cool.

16. BidVertiser
You place contexual ads in your blog according to the topic you write. So almost similar to Adsense, PPC (Pay per Click), so when people click on it, you get $. You are required to choose a category for you blog, then BidVertiser will shows ads related to the category of your blog. It pays using PayPal.

17. Chitika
If you have a site or blog that review product like gaming peripherals, computer hardware, gadgets or others. This is good for you, you can use Chitika eMiniMalls. The eMiniMalls is a CPC (Cost per Click) ads service for you site. It display products related to your sites and when people click on it, it bring them straight to the online stores.

18. Oxado (thanks TerryG)
Now you can have think of other contexual ads network besides Google Adsense. It's completely free and high revenue thanks to exclusive parnerships with the lasget Cost per Click and Cost per Acquisition network in the world like Yahoo! Search Marketing. The good is no traffic minimum and monthly payments. Sign up now!

That's all for what I know. If you know any, you can contribute to the list here, I'll add your link here. Drop me a commend or send me an email. Cheer

Hi all, I am a 15 years old student stuck in an exam oriented education environment. I don't have time to work part time to earn. So I can blog for money but my earning is very low.

I know you guys are kind and friendly. Help me sign up for Xpango and name me as referal and it will help me get a Xbox 360 or Wii.

Which do you like to see me holding in the future? Wii or Xbox 360?

You can stand a chance to get yourself a free gift too. Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, iPod, Nintendo DS, PSP, LG Prada and more.

I will appreciate your help.

iPhone, 3 More Days.

Apple very anticipating iPhone will be releasing on 29 June. Which mean 3/4 more days later. Er, not here in Malaysia but in the States. Why not ASIA?!! Don't know why, my phone just spoiled and I need a new phone. However, iPhone is too expensive is way out of my budget.

So basically what iPhone can do is :
-Touch screen keypad, which your thumb not stylus.
-Full HTML Email
-2 megapixel camera
-Google Maps
-You Tube
-Web Browser
-iPod + Video

What I don't like about the iPhone is :
-No 3G.
-Capacity too low, need more like 15GB, 30 GB.
-That's all I think.

Apple release the phone on a special time, not on 0000 hours 29 June but at 6pm, 29 June. So people, geeks, freaks, Apple fanboy will get it after working hour.

If I got a chance to own that phone, I would love to. =)

Why I am NOT Using PayPerPost Here?

There are some readers email me to use PayPerPost to make money. FYI, I am using PayPerPost, but not on this blog. I do write sponsored post on my personal weblog. According to PayPerPost, a blog must be 90 days old only can sign up for it. So how old is this blog? 39 days, 51 days to go until I can do paid post here. So if you are new to making money online, you can try PayPerPost, and write a short review on the advertiser's product, then you get paid. Easy right? Sign up now!
Hi, most of my earning is not from this blog. I own 3 blogs and I want to fully utilize the Internet and blog. So my earning is mostly from paid post and sponsored post. My Ads on my site are earning very SLOW! Like Google Adsense and Adverlets on my personal weblog. I kinda in love in paid post. I don't write a lot of paid post as I don't want people/advertiser to think of my blog is a blog that full of sponsored post.

It had been 39 days since I started making money online. Although I installed Adsense in my blog for a long time, but the earning is very very slow, and always 0 click. So the first dollar I made online is from Smorty.

So far so good. I have earned :
$16.80 from Smorty.
Although I earned some dollar from Adsense, I don't want to list it here as the earning is darn low and not at payout level yet.
RM50.81 from Advertlets. (RM50 very easy to get just by reviewing them and 0.81 is via clicks)

And I will be paid :
$10 by Bloggerwave
$16 by PayPerPost

I am happy with it because at least there is some money in my PayPal. Have a nice day!
Hi all, I am a newbie to make money online. So I just found out that Hong Kiat wrote a good post on how a Malaysian can withdraw money directly from Paypal.

FYI, Paypal do not accept Malaysia Bank Account, so you can't withdraw your money straight to your Malaysia's bank. What you can do is sign up for a Virtual Money ATM cards and then follow some steps, walla, you will got your cash in no time.

Check out the tutorial here, need to thanks Hong Kiat for this great tutorial.

I am still not ready to withdraw money yet as my earning is still low. HOWEVER, at least I earned. Cheer!
Few weeks ago, I signed up for the free installation CD of Ubuntu online. On the site stated there the kit will arrived like 3 or more weeks. I think it took 2 weeks plus to arrive at my mailbox. I haven't install it yet, but I try live booting it. The UI is not bad, and very simple function. So if you get a new laptop and with FreeDOS, you can try to install Linux first which is free first before getting a original Windows Vista.

Ah! Right, or other saying, you don't have $$ to buy an original copy of Windows, then you use Ubuntu first, then blog for money. When you got enough money, you then buy yourself a Windows. Fun right?

Although I can download from the net for free, I just lazy to wait. I more like to install from a CD. Ubuntu Website.

Make Easy Money With AdBux

Hi all, my friend just introduce me He claimed that he had made his first 10$ at there. So believe it or not, I've sign up for it and try it out. I feel that it's kinda hard to earn LOT, but you can at least earn some money for renewing or buying a domain or something else.

So let's me tell you how it works. You are not require to install any code on your blog, you are not require to place any ads on your blog. So don't worry of no people want to click your ads. ^^ What you need to do is, YOU CLICK ON ADS. Not on your blog but at AdBux website.
At AdBux, you get paid to click on ads and visit websites. The process is easy! You simply click a link and view a website for 30 seconds to earn money. You can earn even more by referring friends. You'll get paid $0.01 for each website you personally view and $0.01 for each website your referrals view. Payment requests can be made every day and are processed through PayPal. The minimum payout is $10.00.

Earnings Example
You click 10 ads per day = $0.10!
10 referrals click 10 ads per day = $1.00!
Your weekly earnings = $7.70!
Your monthly earnings = $30.80!
Want to earn more not just clicking the ads so easy, you need to invite your friend to join too. Share this with them, when refer them to join, and they definitely will click on the ads to earn. Eventually, when your referrals click on the ads, they earn, YOU earn. Easy right? Somehow, you still need to invite them to join, or write a nice review, so you reader will join it. You can cash out when your earning reach $10.00, and they'll pay you through PayPal.

I think it's kinda fun. What are you still waiting for? Join AdBux NOW!

Apple released Safari browser for Windows

There a new software for download at Apple website which is Safari 3 Beta for Mac and PC. Now Windows user like me can use Safari web browser for surfing the web. You must remember that it is still in Beta phase so, it might be buggy and not perfect yet.

This was announced on the recent WWDC 07. The keynote was shown live last night at 1am Malaysian Time, because today I have school so I could not watch it last night.

I of course downloaded this browser to try out and see how good it is. I never used the previous Safari before as I am on Windows. Poor me, don't have $ to get a Mac.

Before and now, I am always using Mozilla Firefox. Althought there is Internet Explorer 7 in my PC, I hate to use it because of it is very slow to load and lag of plug-ins. What so special about the Safari 3? Nothing much I feel, it uses different font type, better looking User Interface than IE and Firefox, you know Mac is always very nice. All the other feature is just same as Firefox.

The Down Side?
It uses more memory than Firefox. Safari uses 121k MB while Firefox uses 61k MB while 2 running together at the same time. Sometimes my Firefox can go quite high. I need more RAM! I think that nowadays, most program uses a lot of memory so need at least 1GB RAM.

Apple's site claim that Safari is the world's best browser. So is it real? I don't know, I think people are starting to migrate from Internet Explorer to Firefox, but now comes another one GOOD browser, I would say, why not give it a try? Firefox still win Safari yet because of various plugins and skins for download which you give you try out new features.

Just now I tried Safari, the page load is kinda slow. Maybe is my Internet connection was slow, or maybe not, haha.

In conclusion, I like the UI, looks like iTunes for Windows, it's tabbed browsing feature, but I will still sticked with Firefox. :)

Download Safari 3 Beta
Get Firefox with Google Toolbar

Make Easy Money With Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads

Do you know Text Link Ads? Text Link Ads maybe a better way to earn some $ from your blog. If you have a blog that have lots of traffic but reader don't seems to click on your Adsense or other advertisement on your blog, then Text Link Ads will help you. No click will required, BUT your blog need to have good traffic, high page and Alexa rank, so advertiser will buy links on your blog.

What does buying link on your blog means?
After TLA accepted your blog, advertiser will surf through TLA site and look for a good blog with high traffic to place their link. You will need to reserve an area for TLA to add links of advertiser into it. It more likely to look like a link to other nice page rather than an advertisement. Then TLA will pay you on how many sold link that place on your blog monthly via check.

TLA pays 50% of the he sale price with you. No clicks and no page impression required. Cool right? Somemore, you can place TLA on your blog even though if you already have other contextual ad like Google Adsense.

High Google Page Rank Site and Alexa Rank will sell more links. My blog is not eligible for Text Link Ads yet as it is still a new site and very low traffic. However, why not try out their Affiliates program or get $100 in FREE links first?

So easy, sign up Text Link Ads NOW! Highly recommend it to you guys.

Windows Live Messenger 8.5 BETA

Last week, I got news that Windows Live Messenger latest version which is in BETA has been leaked out on the Internet. I tried to download it, but can't find the file. I know it is available if download via BT, but I was just lazy to do so. Haha, but anyway, after a few days, the official BETA version release on the net. So what is so special about the new one?

Nothing much I think, just improved UI design which make it blend into Windows Vista theme. When it first release, the LEAKED version was only 1 language which is Spanish, but this official one consist of a few language, so now you got no worry if you don't know Spanish.

You can read here for the full what's new in Windows Messenger 8.5 BETA.
There is also new version of Apatch and Messenger Plus! Live for this BETA release.
Download Windows Live Messenger 8.5 Beta here.

My WLM gone crazy, I don't know what happened to it or my computer, it will sign out after some times, I tried to uninstall everything and install again but still the same. Guess I need to reformat my PC already. Anyway, if you want to chat with me on WLM, please leave your email in comment area, I'll add you or send me an email. =)
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See? PayPal! I can use it to buy stuff online now.

Review Back

Check this out, I found a new method to make your blog more popular, it's Review Back. I haven't try it yet, but I guess it will help you do more link exchange. As this time, you don't pay for people to review you, it's exchanging blog review for FREE.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

You register yourself, then submit your blog. Then, look for review to exchange, just like looking for opportunity in PayPerPost. You review someone's blog, then he or she review back. Like this, readers will read the review on your blog and somehow he will click on it, then walla, you will get new reader and gain another link exchange. Like this, it improved your Technorati rank as your link count increases.

I will try it out soon then tell you guys whether it works or not. You guys can try it out too, and if you guys are user or Review Back, please share your experience. Cheer.


I want to recommend a site to you guys which I always visit it and it is WWW.LOWYAT.NET

Lowyat.NET is Malaysia's Tech Enthusiast Resource Community. There is a forum for geeks gamers to make discussion or just chit-chat.

Lowyat.NET's main page featured latest news on technology from all around the world and also Malaysia.

Something you should know that Lowyat is the name of a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and you can find computer parts, hardware, electronics and video games there. If you are looking for computer stuff, you should go there, Lowyat Plaza at Bukit Bintang. That is why tech enthusiast created this site for geeks to gather around on the Internet.

I join the forum 2 years ago when I want to know more about PSP before buying it. The members there are very friendly and answered all my question. I am very active in Console Couch subforum as I love my PS2 and PSP.

You don't only find Console Couch subforum, but you find others, from Computer Hardware to Software, Overclocking, Games, Call-For-Help, Apple Bytes, Photography, Handphone, Broadband and Networking and many more for you to discuss.

Some times, the members will have LAN party for PC, Xbox 360, gathering with PSP and Nintendo DS user in Malaysia. So Malaysian are proud of having this website. However, don't worry if you are not from Malaysia, you can always join us in the forum and we loved to see you there and talk to you, and don't worry about the language, we speaks ENGLISH :).

They team behind recently created a blog called Multiplay which blog on LAN party, contest, competition and gamers gathering in Malaysia.

I hope you like the site. ^^

New iPhone Ads

So, previously I wrote about iPhone will be releasing on 29th June, means this month. So here some cool ads of iPhone via YouTube.

Never Been An iPod


How To

Cool? Click here for old commercial shown at Oscar.

Dell XPS m1330

I am blogging on my desktop and I have always wanted a laptop for myself so that I can blog on the go or when I go somewhere else. I am just a student, I can't afford my own laptop, I need to get good results in school so that my dad can reward me a laptop. A small, affordable, mid specs laptop will be enough for me like the MacBook, but dad want to get me a cool one will be good. Hehe.

Like this cool laptop, the Dell XPS m1330. The design is very nice and classy. Can fight with Sony SZ and have a quite high-end specs.

[image from] The design quite cool right?

Check out the specs, darn cool :
  • 13.3-inch screen, configurable with LED backlight! (300cd/m2, or 220 with CCFL backlight)
  • Core 2 Duo processor (up to 2.4GHz), Santa Rosa chipset (965PM/GM)
  • Up to 4GB DDR2 SDRAM
  • 32GB SSD drive or spinning-platter drive options up to 250GB
  • Slot-loading dual-layer DVD±RW drive!
  • Optional NVIDIA GeForce Go 8400M GS / 128MB
  • WWAN option for Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T
  • Ethernet, 802.11a, a/g, or n options, Bluetooth option
  • Integrated 2 megapixel webcam (VGA only on LED-backlit display)
  • HDMI, VGA, 1394, (2) USB 2.0, integrated media reader (MS, SD, xD), dual mini-PCI slots, fingerprint reader
  • Dimensions with LED 12.5 x 9.4 x 0.87 - 1.33-inches (318 x 238 x 22.1 - 33.8mm) / with CCFL 12.5 x 9.4 x 0.97 - 1.43-inches (318 x 238 x 24.6 - 36.3mm)
  • Weight starts at 4 pounds
13.3" screen is good enough as it is not big but not small and also the laptop I like, MacBook is also only 13.3" :). This laptop lack wireless N if have, it will be perfect. Some more, this have HDMI output and DirectX 10 GPU so you can get High Definition pictures on your monitor or TV.

Let's just hope the price will not be very expensive.

[image from]

From, so it is confirmed that this iPhone will be releasing on 29th June, so it's like 3 more weeks to go until it release and ready to use by geeks. One more thing is the ads are up on Apple's site, you can check it out.

Hey! It's only US, what about us in Asia?
Still remember last time when iPhone was announced during the keynote? It is stated that will be hit Asia shores in 2007. So let's wait and see.

To me, only iPhone's design and multitouch screen attracted me, other than that is boring, I want more capacity, WiFi and 3G.

Do you want an iPhone? Do you like it?
I read feeds with Google Reader everyday so I recommend it to you guys. I feel it's better to read feed in browser than in a feed reader software. I've tried a couple of feed reader software, but none of it is nice, the UI sucks and I hate the load time.

Google Reader UI and Expanded Post View.

Why I loves Google Reader?
Google Reader is very easy to use. Just point yourself to Google Reader website and you can start reading the news and also it load very fast and smoothly. It is because that when you sign in to Google account, Google stay you login to it and no need type your username and password again. No double click, everything is done with a click and there is a number beside the title to shows that how many item is new which you haven't read it.

List View, read the title of the post first before going into the post.

Bookmarked Google Reader, put a shortcut on your desktop, so every time you start up your computer or your browser, you can quickly get into Google Reader and enjoy reading the feed you have subscribe.


I will soon come up with how to subscribe to feed for newbie and why you should subscribe to feed. :) Cheer. I bet it's easier to read blog via RSS, meaning that reading a blog on feed aggregator like Google Reader.

Go to Google Reader Now.

PayPerPost Accepted My 2nd Post

Previously, PayPerPost rejected my post because I did not disclose my post. However, this time I do, and they accepted my post but still not yet pay out yet. I now need to wait for PayPerPost to pay me through PayPal.

From the day I post, I check my email everyday to wait for this mail. They took 1 day to reject my post but took them 4 days to approve my post. Haha. Anyway, I feel happy because they have approved my post. Because PayPerPost haven't pay me yet, so I still not yet make my first dollar online. Let's try something else. :)

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