Google Adsense Now Rounder

Google AdSense has just introduced an option which lets you cuztomize the look of your ad with rounded edges. You can choose from ads with slightly rounded corners, very rounded corners or the original square corner.

With rounded corner, I think it will somehow look better on some blog templates. Thus, attracting reader to take a look at the Google Ads, then when they visit the site in Google Ads, walla, you earned.
Well, people out there have been trying out with the new rounded corner Google Ads, you can also try blending the ads with your blog templates color.

There is only 1 Google ads here in this blog which is on your right at the sidebar area. I will find a suitable Google ads format only then I'll install here in this blog.

Check out Google's Official AdSense blog for more information of this new changes on the AdSense.


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