I Use Gmail, How About You?

The image “http://mail.google.com/mail/help/images/logo1.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.What free email service are you using? I am using Gmail.

I believe a lot people out there also uses Gmail. As for me, I think Gmail is the best free email service. Best of the best. I don't really set up Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook or any other email program to read my email. I just point my web browser to Gmail because it's fast and smooth. The UI is very simple, easy to use and navigate.

My first email was Hotmail, I don't like it though even though they just upgraded to Live Mail, it's not as smooth as Gmail. When composing mail with Hotmail, they place ads at the signature area. That sucks man although nobody would every bother it. I am still using Hotmail, as my Windows Live Messenger account, but I don't ask people email anything to me to that account.

Then I have tried Yahoo Mail, at least it's better than Hotmail. Quite fast too. Though, Yahoo also have a line of ads at the signature area like Hotmail. Not fun lah. Some more, Yahoo wants you to pay for a Pro account for larger attachment and pop access. Boo!

Gmail is the best. POP access for free, 20mb sending attachment, 2.8GB storage and counting, Gtalk build in, simple, easy to navigate around. =)

How about you?


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