Get Notified

If you don't feel like logging into you web-based email account every time you want to check mail at your desk, a notifier program can tell you at a glance if you've got new mail by alerting you straight from you desktop or taskbar.

Notifier come in many forms, from shareware to desktop widgets for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Two good options are Yahoo! Widgets offers a free Yahoo! Mail Check and Google has a free Gmail Notifier program. - New York Times Special Features.

I think that Widget is cool looking on desktop, just like the Mac OS X's dashboard. However, if your computer have little ram like me (512mb of ram only), then I don't recommend you to use widgets, my Firefox alone already used up 18xmb of ram. I don't like lagness. So, have at least a GB of ram in your computer.

As for now, I don't have a lot of email received, not a businessman or anything, so I don't need a email notifier, I can always check my email when I want to.

Widgets will be cool as you can access your main account straight from your desktop, have a to do list, calendar and more. =)


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