Today, I read in Malaysia's local newspaper, The Star and surprisingly found out the Dell advertisement showing the latest upcoming model Dell XPS M1330. Before that I thought that it will be as expensive as the Sony SZ and MacBook Pro, but the price is shockingly cheaper than both of the model.

At Dell's Malaysia Website, it shows that the price start from RM3,999 but in the paper is RM5k. Actually the RM5k model include 3 Years XPS Premium Service and with higher end processor. It's quite a good deal as it is light (only 1.8kg), thin, DirectX 10 graphic processing unit and with HDMI output for HDTV and more!

Besides the classy looking XPS M1330, Dell also releases new Inspiron laptop with improved design, upgraded RAM, processor and intergrated 2.0 megapixels webcam into the LCD screen. So it's basically on par with the MacBook and with a cheaper price and better looking to previous model. There are 8 colors for you to choose from and to me, I like White, Black, Blue and Red one. But Black and White is the best.

Check out Dell Website now for more offers.


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