I Love Advertlets

Ok, this is not a sponsored post. Continue reading why I love Advertlets. Maybe for foreigners out there, not from Malaysia may not like Advertlets because the pay out currency is in RM. Whatever it is, it's part of my money making source.
Advertlets.com is an Asian blog/weblog advertising network that offers the remarkably sensible proposition of targeted, unintrusive advertising that benefits the online advertising and blogger community, as well as their readers. With Web 2.0, the Ads is prettier and cooler than other Internet ads.
Looking back at my Day 39 : Earning Report, my Advertlets earning was only RM50.81, RM50 was me doing a review for Advertlets, can say a paid post then the RM0.81 was page impressions. No click. Now I realise that if you get, lets say thousand of visitors a day to your blog, just a click you will earn a lot because your page impression is high.

Guess how much I earned now? I am near to cashout amount which is RM100. Make your guess, I will tell at my next earning report maybe by this weekend. Maybe at that time, my Advertlets earning is already over RM100 and eligible for cashout. Let me tell you, you just guess 1 number, RM9x.00, what is X number?

Besides placing ads on blog with Advertlets, sometimes they pay for reviews. Currently the ads are Malaysia and Singapore based, so you have to wait until Advertlets expand their service to other country. But note : You can signed up for Advertlets wherever you are at, and get pay. For Asia blogger, I recommends you to use Advertlets as it is easy to make money online.

Note again :
RM is Malaysia Ringgit (MYR) Use XE converter to convert RM to your local currency.


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