I Have Just Signed Up For Nuffnang

Well, today is my birthday and I am truly 15 now. So which mean that I am eligible to sign up for Nuffnang. Previously, I am not allow to sign up for Nuffnang because I was underage. Now I isn't underage anymore. Hehe.

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Well, Nuffnang is an online blog advertising company in Malaysia. A local Problogger here, 5xmom admire their service and she have been paid $$. I am still playing with it. Ads will not show when I inserted the code, but a real ads will only shown after 3 days after the ad campaign is completed.

You can track your blog traffic besides making money online. It's only simple site traffic tracking like how many unique user visits, and where they come from. I like this feature which Advertlets don't provide.

The make money thing starts 3 days later, so let's wait and see. Their minimum payout is at RM50 via check.

And lastly, Nuffnang is currently available for Malaysian and Singaporean.

Besides just making money, Nuffnang do sponsor bloggers get-together event in Malaysia. Read their blog for more.

So in short, if you are staying in Malayia or Singapore, and have a blog, and above the age of 15, sign up for Nuffnang now!


    On 2:24 AM KA® said...

    wow ... earning seems so easy for a young entrepreneur like you.

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