I Am Now A Pownce User

First of all, I need to thanks Aidan for inviting me to join Pownce. I just wrote about Pownce recently. While, currently you can't sign up for Pownce yet as it is in beta. You need to get a invitation from a Pownce user like me =D or drop your email at the main page and wait for Pownce team to invite you.

I think Pownce is pretty cool. It's like MySpace/Facebook, I have my own Pownce page and I post all my short messages there. Besides that, I can also post links, upload file and events to share with my friends on my network at Pownce.

There is a Pro account which requires you to pay $20 for a year for these features :
  • Send files up to 100 MB
  • No advertisements
Well, I am not going to waste my money on that. I am ok with ads but sending files up to 100MB? I haven't try sending a file yet. =) Maybe someone want to sponsor me a Pro account, then I'll give it a try. Hehe

Like Twitters, there is a program for you to download into your computer. Mac OS and Windows supported. The program is quite nice looking. Before you install, you need to have Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) only you can install the little software on your computer for you to post message, links, events, and files. If you don't have AIR, you can download from their site.

However, Pownce doesn't have a widget for your website like Twitter. I believe maybe they will make one in the future.

Newly updated : Pownce is more likely like a social networking site like MySpace and Facebook with Twiiters. =D


    can i get an invite?

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