[image] 108 viewers watching Justin sleeps

I found a very cool website. Some of you might think it's lame, my friend did. But I think it's kinda cool and entertaining. Justin.tv, a LIVE video cast that's is on 24/7. It's not a normal webcam situated in the room and sending live feed through the Internet, however it is on the move. Justin Kan, the founder of Justin.tv wore a cap with a cam and a microphone attach on it. Sort of like viewing his life, but he sometimes goes around and interview people.

Justin.tv went live on 19, March 2007 in the midnight of it. I have always dream to go to San Fransisco, see how the American's life are, and now I can look at one. It's cool and you can chat with other Justin.tv's fans. Eventually, there are over 100 people watching Justin sleeps at night.

[image]Justin Kan, photos by "Scott Beale / Laughing Squid" laughingsquid.com.

From what I've read, he is not recording with a webcam but with a mobile camera. Streaming live from his laptop which he always carry in his backpack, and 4 wireless EVDO high speed wireless networking card in his backpack too.

Malaysia don't have EVDO wireless Internet technology, yet or not, but I believe HSPDA can do the same. However, HSPDA do have the disadvantage here because it only available in big city.

[image] there is actually a lot of chat room to chat with.

Justin do chat with his fans. You will notice it when he sit infront of his laptop, he starts chating.



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