Pownce Pwn Twitter

Creator and the man behind Digg, Kevin Rose just started a new Twitter-liked thing call Pownce.Why Kevin so creative? Why he have a good brain to start a new thing up? Digg.com is one of the Google AdSense top paid site, 6 figure income per month. I want to be like him one day!!

Let's get back. I have Twitter account but I didn't use it much. Hehe. Don't know why, but now I am waiting for Pownce invitation. As for now, Pownce is only open to invited members. You can submit a request for invitation at the site or ask someone who have Pownce account to invite you.

Pownce friends

What you do with Pownce is, it's like Twitter, you post a short message saying what you are doing now and share it with the world, your friend, your fans. You can also send files, links and events to your friends, create a network of the people you know and then share stuff with them. There are different theme to set for your Pownce page.

Pownce Themes

What I think is, it's kinda cool because the site is better looking than Twitter. HAHAHA. Twitter is very popular now, guess I shall add Twitter here, SOON. =)


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