Official Earning Report : Week 1

Wow, it's 12.21am right now. Anyway, this is my First Official Earning Report. The previous one, is UNofficial. I decided to make a official one to share with you guys how much I have earned. So far I have not make much money online, because I am a starter, newbie to this "make money online" thing. =] For your information, this earning report is based on my 2 blogs, so the earning is not basically on this blog. If this blog is doing good, then I'll just share my earning report mainly on this blog only.
$16.80 from Smorty. (No opportunity for a few weeks already, I received opportunities via email, but when I signed in that time, it had been taken).
RM100.43 ($29.19) from Advertlets. (I wonder why it stop earning this few days. I am eligible for paycheck).
$6 from Payperpost. (Will be paid $40.26 soon, I have 0PR, so I can hardly get new opportunities).
That's all. Although it is not a big amount, I am happy that I make a little money online. Where is AdSense? I didnt write about AdSense because it is very low, $11.xx, and the earning is not increasing, everyday I login and see $0.00, so I don't want to talk much about AdSense here in the report.

Biggest earning is from Advertlets. Well, I recomment Payperpost for easy money as you just need to write a short post and get paid.

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