Watch E3 Live

Do you know E3? The Electronic Entertainment Expo? This year has been downsized to E3 Business and Media Submit and not open to public. However, you still get to catch the Live Press Conference of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo on the Internet. Still remember last year I stay up until 1am to watch the Nintendo Press Conference Live. Guess I have to do it again tomorrow. But for Microsoft Press Conference, I am lucky, it's going to start in 5 minutes time here in the morning. Here are a few sites that you can watch the press conference live from the scene at Santa Monica.
  • - One of the more reliable choices around, GameSpot always has great coverage of these events.
  • G4TV - Not available on the site itself, G4TV will be airing the conference via television. That means you can DVR any wacky mishaps!
  • - Team Ziff will be broadcasting through 1UP of course! Which means only half of you will be able to load it.
  • - Surprisingly, GameTap will be airing the conference as well through their video portal.
Well, as for me I am watching through GameSpot because my broadband speed is not stable. If you want to get a clearer video, choose 1UP, it's much more clearer than GameSpot. However, if you are a subsriber to Gamespot Premium, you can watch HD format. If you have cable tv at home, just tune into G4TV, sadly here in my place don't have G4TV. Last time used to have Tech TV but later don't know why they removed it.

Here are also some sites that you can view live coverage of E3 events :


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