A New Look at iNicholas

Thanks Jack for uploading this great template for blogger. I just change my template to a 3 column template and I love it so much. With 3 column and navigation tab above, it is easy for me to sort things out. The theme is call Garland, original is from Wordpress, then someone coded it into Blogger format. It's hard to find nice template for blogger but easy for Wordpress.

Though, problogger like Kumiko, John Chow uses 2 column blog to make money. They are so pro, but I feel that 3 column will look neater. Unless your blog is clean and less stuff at the sidebar there, then a 3 column template is good for you.

Well, I also added Favicon into this blog. A simple initial of my name "N". By the way, this blog is best viewed in a widescreen resolution.

Do you like my new blog template?


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