Microsoft Surface Video

Check out these videos of Microsoft Surface Computer featuring Multitouch Screen like the coming out in June's Apple iPhone.

Kinda cool huh?

Another Source Of Making Money Online - smorty

I've forgotten where I read about SMORTY. Anyway, I just found another PayPerPost-liked service, it is Smorty. I don't know much about Smorty, I am new to it. Their service is like PayPerPost but the pay is quite low. Why am I talking about but? I shouldn't talking the but yet. I tell you, being a newcomer to Making Money Online should not think of how low they pay is. The most important thing for me now is make my first dollar online. When your blog become more popular and you make more money that time, then you can think of further plan and make more $$. =D

Ok, let's back to smorty. I signed up Smorty with my personal blog. So there are only 4 opportunities for me and I have submit 1 review. I found out that there is a advertiser that can be found in PayPerPost and Smorty, but he offer $6 with PayPerPost while Smorty offer $4.80, I don't care, I just want to make my first dollar online! :) I still not getting used to Smorty so I think that maybe a higher ranking blog get higher pay opportunity (smorty user please share your experience).

Now you got another source of making money $$ online. Happy making $$ !
I've been surfing through many Make Money Online website and learns a lot of stuff on making money online. In the coming weeks, I am going to introduce some of this nice site to you guys. First site I am going to talk about here is John Chow Dot Com, The Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Dot Com Mogul.

I admire Mr Chow because he has been making lot of money online and very famous out there among bloggers. If you don't know him, you can jump out of your window, just kidding. From the site, I learn a lot about making money online. A lot of great tips can be found there.

So, John Chow dot Com is blog that helps you make money online. If you do a review of his blog, he’ll link to you so his readers can check you out. If would be great to get a linkback from a PR6 site to my PR-less blog. Reviewing other peoples site may help you increase your blog traffic as he may link you back in his blog.

I definitely recommend this site to people who want to make money online out there. Enjoy!
I didn't write a how to boost traffic before. This is one way that I found out how to boost traffic to your blog. Do you ever heard of MyBlogLog? It's a very popular social networking site for blogger. It's like MySpace, Facebook and Friendster. When you view someone's profile or site, eventually the little avatar of you will appear on the widget. Automatically, when the owner saw it, she will click it and definitely she'll check out your blog. It works for me, I tried it and I get some unique visitor to my site. Did I said some? Yes, some only, so I still need to work hard to change some to LOT.

Besides just boosting site traffic, making more visitor to your site, MyBlogLog monitors your blog and tell you about your blog stats of the previous day. But the free account only limited to Top 10 of : What people click? Where do readers come from? and What reader viewed? You have to sign up for MyBlogLog Pro in order to do more that. I don't think it's necessary to spend on this, rather you can use free site monitor tool like Google Webmaster Tools, Stat Counter. I haven't sign up for Stat Counter yet, but my friend recommend it to me. With Google Webmaster Tools, you can check your pagerank, site that link to you in Google and more.

I still don't get a lot of visitor to my site yet, so I am good with just Top 10 stats by MyBlogLog free account.

Boosting traffic and viewing site stats is boring, why not join other people's blog community? And then and meet some new friends, just like Friendster Group :).

Kumiko said that you need to have a catchy and interesting avatar in order to attract people. I don't know about that, maybe I should make a VERY INTERESTING and eye cathing avatar for myself. However, I like my current picture of me posting happily at the hill top of Penang Hill. :D

Happy boosting your traffic, viewing your blog stats and making new friends with MyBlogLog!

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The secret product that Microsoft going to release which I had mentioned earlier is Microsoft's Surface before that it's call Project Milan. Surface is a multitouch computer having the similar concept as the Apple iPhone. Microsoft calls "surface computers" which use touch as the sole method of input.

Photo resizing and stacking works much like the iPhone's zoom gestures. Also cool is the capacity for multiple users. Drawing and painting with your fingers acting like dipping into paint and paint your own Monalisa sounds fun.

This very cool tech comes at a high price, $10,000. Why so high? Because it's a cool gadget, mah(Malaysian slang)! However, Microsoft expects prices to plummet over the next few years to the point they'll be in your homes. And I read that you are able to play with them at the T-Mobile stores. Sad, no T-Mobile in Malaysia.

So, what I predicted was wrong! Haha, I thought it was a phone. This thing kinda cool to have it, but without a keyboard will be hard to type. Having it in the car and on the table in the living room will be nice.

[Source from MacRumors and Gizmodo]
After doing some research online, I found out that most "How To Make Money Online/SEO" site have their own domain.

However, there are site making money online on a hosted domain ect,, popular site hosted on these free domain are BloggingSecret, How To Make It Work, Digital Inspiration and former Kumiko CashQuest. It doesn't mean that you should not have your own domain. Even Louiss Lim of Blogging Secret and Kumiko of CashQuests said that it's a mistake not having a domain at first. BUT, if your site is as popular as Cashquests, when switching to a new domain from a free domain, you won't be worry of losing your pagerank and Alexa ranking but the problem is on Technorati ranking, Kumiko just changed his domain in this month and just wrote a post on why he loves his new domain. This is because that you need other people to re-link to your new domain.

Why am I not hosted on a domain?
I am trying to make my first $10 with PayPerPost. After they approved my post, and I will have $6 in PayPal. Then, I will buy my domain. I don't have a credit card, my age not eligiable for a credit card and also I have no income. I just bought for my personal weblog with my mom's credit card and I don't want to spend 2nd time for it.
Not I don't want to get a domain, I am waiting for my $$$.

Why you should get a domain?
If you use PayPerPost, you'll know that some opportunity (offer) are available for you to write, but not all you can write to earn $$$, some advertiser need your blog to have high page rank etc. page rank 5,6,7, high Alexa rank, and high Technorati rank and lastly, some advertiser only limit their offer to own domain name (*.com, *.net, *.org, [dot]blablabla) but not free domain like (*, *, *, or myspace). If you have your own domain, you get a wide range of opportunity to write and they get paid!
Click Here To Get Paid By Blogging

If you don't have PayPerPost, having own domain is good because it's more easy to tell people your website. Like when you meet someone, you want to tell them your site, you'll say "Hey buddy, check out my site at NICKCHAN DOT NET", if you tell them "Hey buddy, visit my blog at NICKCHAN DOT BLOGSPOT DOT COM", they might remember at first but when they get home, they may forget it and thinking about "Just now what site did he tell me? NICKCHAN DOT WHAT ALREADY ?"

So, get yourself a domain now! =)
1 Domain isn't very expensive, registering your domain at 1&1 is only $5.99 while NAMECHEAP is at $7.98 after key in coupon. I used NAMECHEAP for my

If you don't like to use Blogger, get yourself a webhosting plan and use Wordpress. The down side for Blogger is the feature is still limited, but there's a lot of hacks and tweak out there. :)

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Link exchange is a good way to boost Technorati ranking and Google Pagerank. In Technorati, we will get the information on how many blog has link to us. Other way to check who is linking you is you type "" without the inverted coma. If you have a lot of link, eventually this will boost your Google Pagerank and Technorati rank.

So, I would love to exchange link with you and share nice links with you guys. This post is specially made for link exchange. To add your link here, please email me at yikyeou[at]gmail[dot]com (click here) or leave your site URL at the comment section here.
Have a nice day :) .
I read this in MacRumors and according to Gizmodo, it says that at 12.01am EST, meaning later at 12.01noon Malaysia, Singapore, Beijing Time (GMT+8), Microsoft will be launching something very special.
It's described as "something totally new coming out of the Entertainment and Devices division, and it's going to change the way people interact with technology" and "you really have to see it to believe it"
So, what do you think it is?
I think maybe is the mPhone, Microsoft's cell phone to fight with Apple's iPhone, or new Zune+Phone concept? Microsoft TV?

Rex Sogratz from recently visited Microsoft Zune HQ and spotted this little bin at their entrance to Zune HQ. This bin is for employees to dump their iPods. The company is apparently offering amnesty to employees at Zune HQ who give up their iPods in favor of using Zune.

No joke man! If Apple's employees see the iPod in the bin sure on fire. But will we see Zune Amnesty Bin at Apple HQ? HAHA
I stumble across the net and found this little guide on how to repair your scratched discs. I don't know whether it really works or not as I haven't try it. Don't dare to try it on my original scratched CDs. Maybe on some unwanted CD-R. What you need is stuff that can find in your house, toothpaste.

You no need to buy expensive liquid or foam to repair scratched discs. All you need is just toothpaste. Yes, I said toothpaste. With the toothpaste, you can fix the scratches on the discs and get the shiny back.

Here how you can do it by yourself to repair the scratched discs.

  1. Put toothpaste on the disc surface.
  2. Apply the toothpaste all over the scratches.
  3. Rinse with water.
  4. Dry it with clean cloth.
  5. Done!
Watch video for demo :

via cyperhackz

Long Way To Go

[image removed, scared google ban me, haha]

I like this song Long Way To Go by Cassie. See my Google Adsense!! I only earned $10.59 in total and today's earning is only $0.0x. Man, this is a newbie income, so LONG WAY TO GO to paycheck. Any ideas to improve my earning? Comments are welcome.

On the other hand, I still waiting PayPerPost to approve my post. If it is approved, then that will be my first $6.00 that I earn online. Already one day already! Still wating for their email.

Let's make money online together, shall we?
Some people may have 2 or few Live Messenger account, and so they wanted to run a few Live Messenger at the same time. Most easy solution for them are open Windows Messenger and Windows Live Messenger at the same time, but this limited to 2 only.

So I got a solution here for you and software recommendation. A-Patch, this little messenger patcher helps you patch your Live Messenger and remove a lot of useless stuff like advertisement, nudge delays and more unwanted stuff and also allow you to do POLYGAMY. POLYGAMY is having a few Windows Live Messenger running at the same time. Here is the list of features.

Download A-Patch here. Very small file only.

Then, close your running Live Messenger. Open the file that you have downloaded.

Choose the things that you want to remove or patch.

Finish the setup then you are ready to go.

Multiple Live Messenger =)

You will also can nudge people a lot of time if you select "Remove Nudge Delay".
While I was searching for how to improve SEO, I found 10 tips on how to increase blog traffic by Markus Merz. He make a list of it and he calls it "My cooking recipe for fast SEO results". Here is the list of it :
  1. Clain your blog at blog services like Technorati. Fill in all keywords for every single blog.
  2. Ping your blog using Pingoat or Ping-O-Matic.
  3. User Feedburner for feed publishing
  4. Bookmark every article at
  5. Use extensive tagging and keywording inside your articles and on services like
  6. Trackback, if you write about another blog or linking to other blogs.
  7. Use Flickr for your photos. Link to the articles in your Flickr descriptions. Don’t forget to tag your photos.
  8. If using a photo from somebody else (from Flickr or other sources) for one of your articles always ask for permission and after publishing the picture add a comment with a link to your article. It is polite to add the photographer as contact and to make the used picture a personal 'favorite'.
  9. If you are linking to somebody, send them an email about your link. Ask them to inform you if they have something interesting for you to blog about.
  10. Add a link to a keyword in Wikipedia whenever possible.
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A little about me

Hi, I am Nicholas, a Malaysian Chinese residing in Penang. I am 15 years old this year and still a student in high school. I loves technology, blogging and video games. This blog is the geek side of me blogging about technology, tips and tricks and how to make money online.

I want to tell you why I start iNicholas this blog. A long long time ago, not very long just like a year and a half ago, I started blogging, blog about my personal life and share things with people. But sooner, I got inspired by LiewCF, John Chow, Make Money with 13 years old and many more problogger out there. I tell myself, why don't I start making my own money instead wasting daddy's hardly earn money and pay for my own broadband bill. My PS2, PSP, and PC all were bought my daddy as a reward for getting good result in school. Why not I make my own money and buy some gadget myself?, I told myself.

I am still in the learning process on how to make money online. So I'll try to share my experience and tips that I know, I found with you guys. At least, I hope that I make some money from the Internet, so I could fully utilize the Internet and not just IM with friends, playing MMORPG or doing other useless thing.

My English is not perfect and not so good as I am a Chinese Educated student. Still in the middle of learning English in school. So in years, I try to improve myself on my English, if typo or mistakes, please correct me, I hope to learn from you guys.

I hope you guys like my blog and thanks for the support.

Check out my other blog :
Nicholas Chan's Blog - My Personal Weblog, Photography and Life
Made In PENANG - Food, Travel, Fun and PENANG! | Visit Malaysia Year 2007

Watch Free TV Online!

Really, there are people do not own a TV at home not because of poorNESS but maybe they rent a room and no space for TV, no cable TV at home or student staying in dorm or maybe because of your mommy or daddy set rules that you are not allow to watch TV after 10, like last time world cup fever, I watched Internet TV in my room without my mom knowing, muahahaha. However, you have your laptop or PC with you, so there are method for you to watch free TV. You heard me? FREE!

After gathering some information around some sources, I found out a lot of P2P TV, not pay 2 play but peer 2 peer, just like your LimeWire, BitTorrent, besides P2P tv, some nice people out there are so good to upload great TV shows like Lost, Heroes, Prison Break, Desperate Housewife and more on net.

Here’s a list of Places To Watch TV For Free Online:
1. FreeTube (completely free alternative to cable television that lets you watch tv channels and TV shows online using just your browser.)

2. Hiveproductions (lists shoutcast tv streams.)

3. Tape it of the Internet (Over 2,000+ TV shows or 90,000+ episodes, including all the big shows like Lost, Prison Break, etc)

4. Streamic (More then 300 real TV channels to choose from including NBC, ABC, ESPN, BBC1 and many more, organized in categories and ranked by the site users)

5. TVlinks (A directory that amalgamates the most popular tv shows, cartoon & anime series.)

6. PPStream (Sports, movies - all in one please. Just choose a show from the list of available channels)

7. ABC (Watch popular shows like Lost, Desperate Housewives, Alias etc online)

8. PeekVid (Over 700 episodes of popular shows such as 24, Buffy, Desperate Housewives, Family Guy. Shows can be downloaded)

9. PPlive (a popular service for watching many foreign channels)

10. TV-Video (All the latest TV shows as they aired including 24, Smallville, Prison Break, Lost etc)

11. TVU Player (TVU is a nifty little player that offers users a variety of channels that can be used to watch normal TV or Sport. US channels are also found on this player.)


12. Chooseandwatch (It’s a free TV portal where you can watch more than 250 online TV channels. Some of them have to be good.)

13. Channelking (Channel King provides the best selection of free Internet TV channels. Free broadband TV channels from around the world enable you to watch TV from anywhere with broadband.)

14. DailyMotion (Similar to YouTube, but you can find high quality TV series like Lost, Heroes, Prison Break)

15. PPLive (Another Peer2Peer Online Television)

16. LORDofTV (More than 1000 TV channel online) [Thanks Edgii]

17. BeelineTV (Various Country TV Station)

For P2P TV, I recommend #11 TVU Player and #9 PPStream, #10 TV-Video and #14 are good place for watching great TV Series.

If you know more watching free tv online site, please post at the comment there and I'll try to update the list.

Note : You need to have broadband connection. Not for Dial-up.

Enjoy! If you love my post, please subscribe to feed and Digg it.

My List, Join The Fun

The purpose of My List is to gather all Malaysian blogs under the banner of unity and creating a huge bookmark. So much richness can be found within our very own Malaysian blogs and this will open up our minds and hearts to the lives of our fellow bloggers. If you are keen to participate, kindly read this page entirely for instructions and guidelines.

Who can Participate?

  • Malaysian bloggers residing anywhere on mother earth.
  • Non-Malaysians whose blogs feature anything pertaining to Malaysia (example: Malaysian food, Formula 1 in Malaysia and etc).
  • Blog submitted must be of good quality contents. Please do not submit your blog which is less than 2 weeks old.

How To Participate
  1. Download My List in Text format.
  2. Make a new post promoting My List and guide your fellow Malaysian readers to this page if they are keen to participate.
  3. Copy the entire Text File you downloaded.
  4. Paste it at the end of your post. (You can arrange it however you prefer if it goes lengthy but ensure the entire list is there)
  5. Publish the post and ensure all links are in working order.
  6. Submit your contact details and the permanent url of your MyList post by using this contact form.
  7. Your blog url will then be added to the list.
  8. Post a new post of the final My List after receiving an email notification as mentioned in the guidelines above. This is done to ensure everyone will benefit from this even those who participate later or close to the deadline.

My List Participants

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The fluff must go somewhere
After watching your favourite clip on YouTube, and then you wish to save it into your computer but you can't figure it out how to do it. You may know screen capture or the lame one, or you manage to download the flv(file output for youtube video) file but you can't load it into your lovely iPod, or maybe you try putting a tripod in front of your screen and mount your camera on it, shut up, play youtube and then record video on your camera. Do you think this really work? Haha

Here I got a solution for you guys, Zamzar. Zamzar is a free online file conversion tool, no software is required, but weird name. Just a few minutes and you got your movie file in your computer. Zamzar provide a lot of file extension conversion, but I like the most is converting the flv file.


Isn't that real easy? I hope you enjoy using the little online tool I recommend.

ZAMZAR : Free online file conversion
How can you read a blog without Digging the articles? You are so selfish. Haha, just kidding about that. It's a cool to Digg people's article so that you can share it with everyone around the world. Stories Digger.

Digg is like social bookmarking like You digg on a post, news or story, then the post will then submitted to digg website and share with other user. People read it, and when they felt interesting and feeling like want to share with other people, they press the 'digg' button.
When a post have a lot of diggER, the post eventually will appear on the first page or popular page while the less one will still remain in the archive.

Adding Digg button into your blog helps you to promote your site as when people like your post, they Digg it, then this post will appear in Digg and share with other user. I got this little guide from Louiss Lim for how to add Digg button into every post like mine.

Easy Easy Guide :
Go to your blog template > Edit HTML > Expand Widget Template > And look for this line:


Replace the above code with this code:

<!-- DIGG -->
<div style='float:right; margin-left:10px;'>
<script type='text/javascript'>
digg_url = '<data:post.url/>';
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

Save your template and you are ready to Digg!

I wish you happy Digging :)

Adsense Video Ads

There's some good news for Adsense publishers who are using the 728x60 Leaderboard or the 120x600 / 160x600 Skyscaper ad formats in their websites.

Adwords advertisers can now target even your websites for click-to-play video ads - they were earlier limited to sites using square and rectangle ad formats.

To enable video ads in your site, you must accept images ads (it should say text_image in your Adsense code)
Will this mean more income for you ? Sandra Tsui says that if a click-to-play video ad appears in one of your ad units, this means that it has won the auction against other ads and will generate the maximum earnings for you.
Now, you can preview your Google Adsense Ads in Google Adsense Preview Tool.

While the Singaporean are enjoying 10mbps Internet service, we Malaysian just announced the 4mbps broadband by TMNet. Yes, it's finally here! But the price is nono. Currently RM198/month on promotion for people who sign up before 17th June 2007, thereafter s RM268/month. This is good for people who have a few computers at home sharing an Internet connection.

TMNet Launched 4M Streamyx Broadband Package
Image from LiewCF : Broadband package price.

If compare to our neighbour country Singapore, Singtel provides Singaporean 5mbps broadband service at $49.95 which is RM110.83. Let's take the promotion price, RM198-RM110.83=RM87.17. RM87.17 is a lot of money and with for a cheaper price, they get 1mbps faster than our fastest home broadband package.

And even, their fastest is not 4mbps but is 10mpbs for home and still cheaper than our 4mbps. Their 10mbps package is $68(RM150.95). This sucks man! I think this is because that broadband penetration in our country is just 7%, guys, you should starts using broadband at home and throw away dial-up, more broadband user, more broadband package, and pay less!
Now my current 512KBps already not stable already, sometime fast sometime slow, please give us stable connection. If you TMNET can give us a sure answer that this 4mb package is very stable, then I'll say why not give it a try?

For Better Broadband In Malaysia, Support RedesignMalaysia
Note : 4m package is not available everywhere in Malaysia, available at limited place only.
PayPal now allows Malaysian to accept payments. Earlier this month, PayPal needs Malaysians online money makers with a compulsory page to add US Banks before they can accept any payment. Some people take risk to key in fake US Bank account number, it works then but now PayPal just give a warning to those who give the fake number.

Now, you guys no need to key in fake bank number as you can now accept payments from anybody. Login to your PayPal account to double confirm this.

Wow, luckily I didn't key in fake bank account number last time, after feel weeks of waiting, they finally fix it.

Make Money Online With PayPerPost

PayPerPost is an advertising company that pays blogger for review. I recommend this service to all of you because making money online with PayPerPost is easy. But being a newcomer, don't expect high pay.

For a new blogger, you can't sign up with PayPerPost yet. According to the site, it says that only blogs with 90 days old are able to sign up and then start reviewing. techlah is only a few days old, so I shall have to wait for 3 months and before that I need to drive more traffic to here first.

I recently just sign up for it with my Personal Weblog (Nicholas Chan's Blog), and reviewed a post. The pay for first review I did is $7.50, but I haven't receive the pay yet, still waiting PayPerPost to recheck my post. I made a mistake, I did not disclose the post, so PayPerPost rejected me and they require me to resubmit it again. So, I submit it again.

Top PayPerPost user, Chan, a Malaysian problogger has already made $8k with it, so what you waiting for? Join PayPerPost now.

The New Technorati

Technorati just changed their website design and it looks more cool right now and more easy for searching blogs. The first page when you go in you will see some featured top blog, videos and music. Besides it will be all the Technorati Tags that is people often search.

They also added a new search site. You can go to or I feel it maybe better than Google Blog Search cause Technorati is more on the blog side.

If you have a blog, you must sign up for Technorati because it's the best blog search engine to me. My 2 cent.

This is especially made for Asian. Nuffnang is a blog advertising service based in Malaysia and also Asia's first blog advertising community. This is another way add your income besides Google Adsense. The ads are targeted for Asian, but currently is targeted only to Malaysians. So if you Malaysian has a blog, why not try Nuffnang?

They recently just had a party at Cineleisure Damasara for the premiere of POTC3 : At World's End. Why I didn't sign up for it because I am not eligible signing up for it. Terms and Conditions at their site wrote that only 15 years old and above are able to sign up, guess I just need to wait a few month until my birthday comes. :)

Link :

Google Server Error

This happened last night at 1.10am (Malaysian Time, GMT+8). I wanted to post something here but Google keep showing the error page. The server was back to normal like about 10 minutes later but it was loading kinda slow.

P/S : This is lame, I watched Heroes season finale already, have you? Yatta.
This is a very simple tutorial for people, beginner who want to starts making money online. Enjoy.
First, have your own email address. I recommend Gmail for this.

Second, sign up for a web hosting to host your blog or alternative free way is by using Blogger or Wordpress.
If you are using blogger, choose a good name, easy to remember will be better and something that attracts people.

How to make a blog with Blogger (Video)

Start posting interesting stories, posts in your blog.

At least have 10 posts first, then Sign Up for Google Adsense.

Wait for Google to approve you.

When you got approved, you are ready to add the ad code into your blog.
Place it anywhere you think viewer will click, etc After Post Title, Below Site Title.

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Blu-Ray Player and Media in Malaysia

I just found out that BluRay arrived on Malaysia's shore already! The first Blu-Ray Player in the world will be selling for RM4,999. I got this information from Sony's Promotion Magazine here, so check out the scan.

Apple MacBook Gets Upgrade

I know this is kinda old news, last Wednesday. But I want to share my thoughts about it. I always wish to own a Mac, but they are kinda expensive. Last time, you can get a laptop with higher specs at the same price of MacBook for its design and Mac OS. I have to say that Apple's design are great, but as a student, I can't afford a expensive laptop. I can get a cheaper laptop but have same specs with the MacBook last time, but now the MacBook upgraded their processor, ram and hard disk drive capacity, it's really a good deal.

MacBookSame lovable MacBook. New lovable speed. Intel Core 2 Duo up to 2.16GHz, 1GB of RAM, SuperDrive, up to 200GB hard drive.

Today, I went to Sony Centre and saw Vaio C series on display, it's RM400 (RM4,488) more expensive than the cheapest MacBook White. They have almost the same specs just that the Vaio C come with a SuperDrive while the MacBook White only come with a ComboDrive. On the down side for the Vaio C, it lack Webcam and 1GB ram which MacBook White do come with it. And the cheapest MacBook here in Malaysia is RM4,099.

BuyApple in Malaysia
Apple Store, Penang (CG Computers, Premium Reseller)
Apple U.S. Store

USB Powered Fridge

This little thing here is not from Coke Company. It's a USB Drinks Cooler, or they call it USB Mini Fridge. Placing on top of your desk beside your monitor looks cool, with its red color, it looks like a Coca Cola fridge but without to logo on it. On the product side, it claim that the temperature in it will decreases to 8.5 degrees after 5 minutes. Cool! Take note, it means only the fridge not the drink itself. For 33 dolar, I think it is a good buy if you always sit infront of the computer and need your drinks always COOL and refresh yourself.

[Product Page]
I recently often read this site. Actually I subscribed to the RSS feed. Very nice site, interesting and I learnt a lot of blogging tips there.

Blogging Secret
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How To Add Digg Button On Blogspot
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[image] 108 viewers watching Justin sleeps

I found a very cool website. Some of you might think it's lame, my friend did. But I think it's kinda cool and entertaining., a LIVE video cast that's is on 24/7. It's not a normal webcam situated in the room and sending live feed through the Internet, however it is on the move. Justin Kan, the founder of wore a cap with a cam and a microphone attach on it. Sort of like viewing his life, but he sometimes goes around and interview people. went live on 19, March 2007 in the midnight of it. I have always dream to go to San Fransisco, see how the American's life are, and now I can look at one. It's cool and you can chat with other's fans. Eventually, there are over 100 people watching Justin sleeps at night.

[image]Justin Kan, photos by "Scott Beale / Laughing Squid"

From what I've read, he is not recording with a webcam but with a mobile camera. Streaming live from his laptop which he always carry in his backpack, and 4 wireless EVDO high speed wireless networking card in his backpack too.

Malaysia don't have EVDO wireless Internet technology, yet or not, but I believe HSPDA can do the same. However, HSPDA do have the disadvantage here because it only available in big city.

[image] there is actually a lot of chat room to chat with.

Justin do chat with his fans. You will notice it when he sit infront of his laptop, he starts chating.


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Adsense For Dummies

This is for people new to How To Make Money Online

What is Google Adsense?
According to define:Adsense in Google, it is :
Contextual advertising by Google. Website publishers earn a portion of the advertising revenue for placing Google sponsored links on their site.

Google's complete webmaster revenue solution. Adsense allows webmasters to place advertisements on their site and earn a portion of the revenue.

AdSense is an advertising program run by Google. Website owners can enroll in this program to enable text and image advertisements on their sites. These ads are administered by Google and generate revenue on a per-click basis. Google utilizes its search technology to serve ads based on website content, the user's geographical location, and other factors. Those wanting to advertise with Google's targeted ad system may sign up through AdWords. ...

[image]example google ad.
Here is what Google writes about it's adsense program:
"Google Adsense is the programme that can generate advertising revenue from each page on your website—with a minimal investment in time and no additional resources.

Adsense delivers relevant ads that are precisely targeted on a page-by-page basisto the content people find on your site. And when you add a Google search box to your site, Adsense delivers relevant ads that are targeted to the Google search results pages generated by your visitors’ search request.

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In short, it is :
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Dell's Super-Slim LCD Monitor

[image] from Gearlog.

At Dell's launch of its "Hybrid Business" strategy today, the company spent a few minutes talking about its history of developing new standards, and forcing them on the industry. One of the standards discussed: Display Port. This new interconnect, according to Dell CTO Kevin Kettler, will redefine what an LCD monitor looks like.

It will support up to 4x the current HDTV resolutions, allow for integrated peripherals around the display, and will let you daisychain multiple monitors, rather than installing them in a star configuration. Everyting, including audio, microphone, panel I/O and more will all go through a single bi-directional cable.

Even better, by eliminating a lot of the electronics used for video conversion, new LCD monitors will be super-thin, and super sleek. The prototype, displayed above, should be available later this year. It's only about a half an inch thick. Display Port also promises to make notebook monitors thinner too, said Kettler.

[via Gearlog]

I am shock when I see this, the screen is so thin. Still don't know when will be available on Dell's Store yet. As I know, it will uses the DisplayPort 1.1 interface which allows Dell to keep the panel until so so so thin. It will support up the 4x the current HDTV resolution (OMG, x4 1920x1080), your pimple on your face will be more noticeable. This monitor, damn hot.
1 thing want to share with you guys. Last time Apple iPhone's ad was showed at Oscar, nothing much was revealed, just people saying "Hello". In Malaysia, before iPhone ad was showed, there already an TV commercial similar to this one saying "Hello" by DiGi Telecommunication.

iPhone's HELLO :

DiGi's HELLO :

Here's a good site for PSP owner. You can get PSP game's demo here. Good games demo like DJ Max Portable, Exit 2, Full Auto 2, MGS Portable Ops, etc etc. For tutorial how to play demo on PSP, click here.

[via digg]
meizu hand
When Apple announced the iPhone, we were amaze by the design, the screen resolution and the multitouch function. But later on, Meizu, a China company showed off their Meizu MiniOne which look almost like the iPhone running Windows Mobile 6 platform with high resolution screen but sorry no multitouch.

This cool iPhone rival's spec is leaked. I was surprised by the specs which really made me choose MiniOne over iPhone. And her comes the Meizu :
  • Windows CE 6
  • ARM11 533mhz (Samsung) processor
  • TFT Touch Screen (16M colours)
  • 720x480 resolution
  • 3megapixel rear camera, VGA front camera
  • Bluetooth, WiFi, DMB Tuner, GPS, Video Output
  • Plays AVI, Mpeg 4, WMV in full resolution (720x480)
  • 4GB - 16GB
  • Priced between $260 - $450 (Yay, no contract)
meizu big
The price is way lower than the Apple iPhone ($599 for 8GB, $499 for 4GB w/ 2 years phone service contract) and a lot of the feature iPhone don't have like 3G, GPS, WiFi, Video Output... Apple iPhone don't actually act as a smartphone, the price is high and the features are pretty limited.
If this product really makes it to a prototype stage, it will surely be attacked by Apple in court. Let’s just hope for the best and that maybe we’ll soon see this overdose of (affordable) goodness in our hands too.
[via Coolest-Gadgets]
News from Akihibara
Want to add Adsense Code after post title like mine? Need to thanks BloggingSecret for the clear guide and tutorial. There are few version. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

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Thanks BloggingSecret!
For people out there who want to blog and got no idea how to start a blog. Here a video guide for you to start a blog at, which is also the blog service I am using. Enjoy and good luck!

I’m sure Nike won’t appreciate this one. A USB flash drive in the form of an athletic shoe, that obviously has the Nike swoosh on the side. Pop the toe off the shoe and it reveals the USB connector allowing you to plug the show into your USB port. Storage capacity is 1GB. The shoe drive is compatible with both windows and Mac and measures in at 65mm w x 25mm d x 25mm h. You can buy your own shoe flash drive for about $20. This reminds me of something Maxwell Smart would use, in the remake of Get Smart. The shoe drive comes with a small chain allowing you to use it as a keychain. I wonder if Nike will even bother shutting this thing down for infringing on its trademarks.
[via EverythingUSB]
I would say this little thing is cool as I love Nike Shoes! Going out wearing Nike sneakers, pants, shirt, and also this blink blink Nike-Shoe-USB Flash Drive, then you sure get people's attention.

Blogger added a new feature which is the auto saving of your post into draft posts. When you are typing a blog post in Blogger, you will be notify that your blog post is saved.

I like this new feature! Never fear of lost post or sudden black out at home.
Yesterday, the NPD Group released video game hardware sales data for April. Nintendo's Wii and DS consoles were again the big winners, as both platforms dominated all competitors. This marks the 4th month in a row that Nintendo has nabbed the top spots with its respective systems on the hardware sales charts.

The Nintendo DS was the overall best-selling system of April with approximately 471,000 units sold -- more than twice that of the Sony PSP, which only managed to sell 182,000 units.

Despite being in limited supply, the Nintendo Wii was the best-selling console for the month. More than 360,000 new consumers purchased Nintendo's home console in April. The second best-selling home system was the Sony PlayStation 2 with 193,000 units sold. Microsoft's Xbox 360 managed 174,000 units sold and Sony convinced only 82,000 people to purchase a PlayStation 3 for the month, lower than all analyst estimates.

Nintendo was also the #1 software publisher for the month, releasing the top 4 best-selling games -- Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl for DS, and Super Paper Mario and Wii Play for Wii. The Pokemon titles sold a combined 1.7 million games in about a week.

According to VG Chartz, the Nintendo Wii has sold 2.5m consoles in Japan, 2.8m in the US and 1.79m in the rest of the world since its official launch late last year.

BeSocial: digg story | methodshop

The Wii still haven't release in Malaysia yet, but we still can get it from neighboring country, Singapore or get a parallel import from any gamestore here. For official Nintendo product in Malaysia, you can check out Nintendo store in Jusco, Queensbay Penang, Mid Valley Megamall.

The Federal Communications Commission approved Apple's iPhone, clearing the way for the combined phone and music player to hit the shelves.

Apple expects to begin selling the phones in late June.

Some of the FCC documents confirm a few features of the phone, including it will have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and can operate in the 1900MHz and 850MHz GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) frequency bands used in the U.S.

In addition, the FCC said the iPhone is a quad-band phone that supports GSM frequencies used outside the U.S. The phone uses GSM technology and the EDGE (Enhanced Data Rate for GSM Evolution) wireless data standard. Apple has said the phone will ship initially only in the U.S., but many GSM phones today, even on the low end, are capable of operating in Europe, the U.S. and Asia.

Rumors broke on Engadget that the iPhone would be delayed until October, but they were rapidly dismissed as a hoax.

[via pcworld]

Sometimes, one window isn't enough for you in GMail. When you got a big screen you want to put 2 email side-by-side, or as reference or situations where you need to refer to one particular e-mail to reply the other one. But viewing your email in GMail is always on the same windows. So what you can do to launch a popup windows in GMail is like this

Hold SHIFT + Click (on Subject/Title of the email)

Then a window will popup. That's your mail.

[via hongkiat]

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