A New Look Again

I was doing my revision for my coming school exam and I was feeling bored of it, so I decided to check out some templates site to see any new blogger template uploaded. Oh gosh, I found a very popular Wordpress based template, MisyLook at BlogCrowds. BlogCrowds is famous for porting Wordpress theme to a Blogger version and they just update their site with new look and more templates for download.

If you reads John Chow, then you know I am using the same templates as him, almost the same yet still Wordpress one have additional features. I haven't have time to edit my blog banner yet. I always hate to start Photoshop in my computer because it will causes my system to run very slow due to lag of ram. I need a stick of 1GB ram! Currently my computer have only 512MB of ram, and most of the time, my Mozilla Firefox suck most of the memory.

I think this will be a better template at the moment and I will stick with it. 2 column might be hard for me to categorize my sidebar, but I'll try to figure it out later. See ya!


    On 9:15 PM Nicholas said...

    testing for dofollow thingy.

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