Something Wrong With My Photoshop

I am now getting fed up on running Photoshop. I don't know what had happened to my PC, few days ago, it can't power up, everytime I turn on, nothing show on screen. Now even though it can start, I can run my photoshop, when I try using Magic Wand/Lasso or Crop, my whole PC goes hang or shut down. Something wrong with my hardware I think, I definitely need to power up my PC with more rams or maybe a new PC. But I am sure my dad won't get me a new PC because my PC is still running fine. =( All the upgrades work only can start after my school exam ends which at October. Let's hope the time goes faster then "It's Upgrade Time!". I need 1 stick of 1GB ram and a AGP DirectX10 GPU. Wonder how much will it be .


    On 12:28 PM Cotton Bags said...

    I’ve been checking out this blog it’s been really helpful. I was not understanding what I was doing. But your blog helped me a lot. Thank you very much and all the best in future

    Installed latest one Photoshop Version, I used x4, and its working Awesome.

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