A little about me

Hi, I am Nicholas, a Malaysian Chinese residing in Penang. I am 15 years old this year and still a student in high school. I loves technology, blogging and video games. This blog is the geek side of me blogging about technology, tips and tricks and how to make money online.

I want to tell you why I start iNicholas this blog. A long long time ago, not very long just like a year and a half ago, I started blogging, blog about my personal life and share things with people. But sooner, I got inspired by LiewCF, John Chow, Make Money with 13 years old and many more problogger out there. I tell myself, why don't I start making my own money instead wasting daddy's hardly earn money and pay for my own broadband bill. My PS2, PSP, and PC all were bought my daddy as a reward for getting good result in school. Why not I make my own money and buy some gadget myself?, I told myself.

I am still in the learning process on how to make money online. So I'll try to share my experience and tips that I know, I found with you guys. At least, I hope that I make some money from the Internet, so I could fully utilize the Internet and not just IM with friends, playing MMORPG or doing other useless thing.

My English is not perfect and not so good as I am a Chinese Educated student. Still in the middle of learning English in school. So in years, I try to improve myself on my English, if typo or mistakes, please correct me, I hope to learn from you guys.

I hope you guys like my blog and thanks for the support.

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