Day 39 : My Earning Report

Hi, most of my earning is not from this blog. I own 3 blogs and I want to fully utilize the Internet and blog. So my earning is mostly from paid post and sponsored post. My Ads on my site are earning very SLOW! Like Google Adsense and Adverlets on my personal weblog. I kinda in love in paid post. I don't write a lot of paid post as I don't want people/advertiser to think of my blog is a blog that full of sponsored post.

It had been 39 days since I started making money online. Although I installed Adsense in my blog for a long time, but the earning is very very slow, and always 0 click. So the first dollar I made online is from Smorty.

So far so good. I have earned :
$16.80 from Smorty.
Although I earned some dollar from Adsense, I don't want to list it here as the earning is darn low and not at payout level yet.
RM50.81 from Advertlets. (RM50 very easy to get just by reviewing them and 0.81 is via clicks)

And I will be paid :
$10 by Bloggerwave
$16 by PayPerPost

I am happy with it because at least there is some money in my PayPal. Have a nice day!


    On 1:16 PM TerryG said...

    You will find that bloggers monetize their sites expecting every visitor to click on their ads but when they visit other blogs they flat out refuse to click an ad of interest to them. Most bloggers have become adsense blind unfortunately and this should not be so. Terry for Psychic ability

    Yeah, I agree with that. Some of my friend even install ad blocker plugin for their browser. I think Google should have some more interesting ads instead.

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