Moo, Dot Com Mogul Has A Brother Call John Cow

If Izwan never tell me about John Cow, I never know that it exist. Some one out there created a parody blog about John Chow the Dot Com Mogul call John Cow Dot Com. At first, i thought it was a fake, but the site really exist and have lots of interesting post about making mooney. was initially planned as a parody on the popular blog In the process of acquiring the domain an idea came to life. Why not adapt the winning formula and amplify it’s achievements? Using the platform John Chow uses as a tribute to his marketing skills? We will keep an eye out on the Internet’s biggest moooney-makers and publish their best ideas, projects and work. All so that you have a one-stop-shop for your entrepreneur’s needs. Hope you’ll enjoy as much as we do. And don’t forget: Milk is good for you!

Somehow, that site is getting more and more popular and have 58 feed reader compare to my noob blog =( which only has 6 feed readers. Why I at first didn't think of making John Cow Dot Com? Haha, just kidding. Some people hate John Chow because he makes lot of money online. Well to me, I think John Chow is another site for me to learn how to make money online.

John Cow also provides tips on making money online, cool huh? So, mooo, anyone?


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