iNicholas Do Follow You

I just made some tweaks to my blog and now my blog follow you. You can get a linkback when you drop me a comment. =]

Almost all blog platforms by default have nofollow tag. No Follow is probably to fight spam as when you post a link on a comment area where that blog have No Follow, your link will not count as a linkback from that blog. Thus, does not increase Technorati Authority.

Benefits :
If remove the "nofollow" tag from your blog, whenever someone write a comment, he or she gets a linkback from this blog. It's also a win-win situation as this encourage reader to drop me a comment and he gets a linkback, which then increase Pagerank and Technorati rank.

Read here on how to remove "nofollow" tag on your blog.

After removing "nofollow" tag, your blog is now "Do Follow". ^^

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