Add Search Bar For Blogger MistyLook

In my previous templetes, there isn't a search bar or navibar on top for people to search through my blog. I was looking at my blog, and wanted to find some old articles that I wrote, I realised that I should have a search area for people to make a search, so it will be easier.

When I changed my templates to MistyLook yesterday, I saw that this MistyLook ported to Blogger version by Blogcrowds is not 100% the same as the one on Wordpress. This Blogger version don't have the search bar on top right corner of the page and the feed icon below the navigation tab area.

I thought of adding the search bar into this template. I copied the search bar code from Wordpress based blog using MistyLook. No luck, I have the search bar on, but I got no result when I search.

So, I added search widget to the sidebar.

From that, I made some tweaks to the search bar above, and it's now working like a charm. Just like the original Wordpress MistyLook theme with the search bar on top.

If you are using the MistyLook Blogger template, then look for this lines (navigation tabs) :
Then add this lines of code after the next tab :
If you are not using MistyLook, you can try too.

For adding Search Widget on the sidebar, just click here and scroll down the page for Search Widget.

In conclusion, a blog should have a search bar so that reader can search through posts they wanted to find easily.


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