A Little Traffic Increase in iNicholas

I am smiling for the for past 2 days, because there is a little traffic increase in this blog - iNicholas. So from a normal 25-50 visits per day boost to 100+ visits. Even though it is not a big number, I am happy with that.

However, I still don' see reader writing comment here. FYI, dropping a comment here will get you a linkback. ^^ I am not kidding, because I have the "nofollow" tag remove, but no spam allow.

The secret behind this little increase in traffic is some work done by me like submitting latest post in to social bookmarking site like del.icio.us for people to check it out (stay tune as I will guide you on how to attract more visitors to your blog with this method), reading Do Follow blog and write a comment there, ask my friends to read my site.

I hope the traffic of this blog will continue like this, constant, like 100+ visitors everyday. Then later, if I really get 100+ visitors per day to this blog, then I shall set a higher target to achieve.

I just signed up for Google Analytics for more detail traffic report, so I get my site stat from BumpZEE and MyBlogLog, both are social community for blogger.

If you have BumpZEE widget installed in your blog, a site counter at the widget will be visible by you only. So with this, you can get to know how many visitor has visits your blog today and yesterday.


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