Printer Ink Cartridges

I got a printer at home. I do my printing job very often. When I found something useful on the Internet, Wikipedia and so on, I'll print it out for my reference and to study about it. I can take to school and file it. It's easier for me to make references when I want to do project next time. However, the sad things of the whole printing work is the cartridge ink is very expensive. Sometimes, the cartridges may cost as the same price of the printer machine itself.

Yeah, I am serious. My HP printer is 39$ and both my inkjet cartridges for Black and Color is already 45$ in total for 2. HP inkjet cartridges is always expensive. But I like HP because of the quality of the printout and the nice looking design of the printer.

After doing some research on the net, there's actually alternative on buying original HP C6656AN cartridge. It's the same thing as the original cartridge, but cheaper price, same quality too! I believe most of the people use the printer to print documents only, not much people print photos. The cheap carrot ink sure will help you.

Carrot ink even has the ISO 9001/9002 standards so you got no worry that the ink is cheap quality. Best part is I no need drive myself to the store to get my ink. Turn on the computer, click on the site, type in credit card number, address and click buy. Wait for it, *ding dong*, your ink for printer arrive. Save cost on petrol too! Shopping online for ink cartridges is fun and efficient.

I'm going to order one and try out myself. Since it's cheap, who cares how much I print. Now I can no need worry about what to and not to print.

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