Cool People Do Cool Contest

Seems like everyone starts to have contest in their blog to attract more visitors and make them stay. I need to have a black paper bag to cover my face because I don't have a contest for you guys. I promise I will have one when I make more money online. Don't forget, you can also make money online too.

Hey, don't you making money online now?
Yes I do, with paid post, but I am saving for hosting and domain. So, I can't touch the money first. After the hosting and domain thing settle, I try to save up and get you guys something.

Talking about contest, I noticed that recently, more and more contest appear on many problogger's blog. Make Money Wtih 13 Years Old just ended his contest, John Chow seems like addicted into contest, always have contest for his reader, Blogging Secret and iCalvyn are giving out free domain and many more, I don't remember that much.

I have noticed that their winner of the contest are chosen randomly, lucky draw. You need to be lucky so that you are the chosen one. Besides that, sometimes, you are require to drop a comment to get a ticket, blog about it and get a few tickets, then do something else to get another more tickets. After you got MANY tickets, you will stand higher chance to win or get to join the LUCKY DRAW.

So, I believe having a contest will have more people to post comment, make them stay to see if any other contest coming soon, they will also then blog about your contest at their blog, eventually you get new visitors to join your contest. It's a new way to gain traffic and make your blog more popular. Cheer! Hope you have a contest, very soon! =D


    On 11:49 AM iCalvyn said...

    Hi Nick, i will give out domain to who ever meet the requirement... the requirement are not much...can said that anyone can gave it

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