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I personally recommend Namecheap for domain registration and transfer because the service is good, fast, reliable and cheap. Another plus point is it allow you to pay with PayPal. Most young internet entrepreneur like me don't own a credit card, but then we do have PayPal, so it will be easy for us to pay with PayPal.

I just bought another domain and that is
Will be porting this blog to Wordpress soon.
From then on, I will blog a lot.

COUPON CODE (August 07) :
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Basically, is a leading wholesale liquidator and distributor in the closeout industry, offering wholesale prices for used merchandise, furniture liquidators, apparel liquidation, closeout merchandise and many more. For you information, they are one of the leading liquidators out there.

iNicholas.Com NO!


What the heck, I thought the owner of won't be renewing the domain but then he renewed it the day after it expired. Sigh, I don't have the chance to own a cool professional dot com looking site but on a dot net. Anyway, I think it doesn't bother me much as long as I can make money online then it's good. Dot net might look cheaper than dot com, but many many pro sites use dot net too, so why should I go crazy for a dot com.

Some little update on making money online :
It has been 3 weeks I didn't write PayPerPost, I login login and login, but I don't find new opportunity, PayPerPost hate me? My sites is low PR, I need to do something to increase PR, help me anybody?


New iMac Invading Penang

The new iMac that is released few days ago is coming to Penang tomorrow at 6pm, just like the iPhone, 6pm. Check out Switch Apple Store at Gurney Plaza and Queensbay tomorrow to get a feel on the great machines with great design.

I am unable to attend the party because I am going to a concert. So sad, anyway, I'll go check out the other day. =D


I am so so sorry that this blog will be going hiatus. I will try to update when I am free. This is all because that my PMR Form 3 school exam is coming, and it's getting near and near. I am nervous and haven't prepared for it. So now I need to spend more time on study then on blog. BUT I will be back in October, from then on, I will be FREE.

I bought web hosting from (50gb, host 5 domains and 5dolar per month) few days ago. But still haven't bought a domain for this blog. I am waiting for iNicholas.Com, it's bought by someone, but that site is now suspended because the expired date is nearing and the owner of that site is require to renew his domain, if he do not renew his domain by 13 August, then it will once available for sale.

Wordpress I am coming

I am coming for you, Wordpress! I already earned the money for webhosting, and now I am going to port my blogspot blog to a Wordpress one. I will be using Godaddy webhosting, since it's cheap and it has good reputation. See you soon in Wordpress. =]

Official Earning Report : Month 1

So, recently I had decided to change my earning report to monthly basis. Well, below will be a total of how much I made online and with which service. I am happy with what I have earned although it is not a big number. The money are all in PayPal and some still waiting for payout. I am going to use to get my self a hosting and move my blogs to Wordpress. I have already successfully earned to money I need to pay for web hosting. Very happy. However, I don't have much time on doing this thing as my school exam is around the corner. Sigh, I hate exams, haha.

Total earning in month July (includes week 1 and week 2):

$22.80 from Smorty.
$36.01 from PayPerPost.
$7.50 from Blogsvertise.
$36.33 from Advertlets.
$48.62 from Linkworth.

Money talks !

Smorty is not making money with me! You know why? I didn't receive writing opportunity for month. I grabbed the first 3 opportunities then later no more I can find. Even though I did receive opportunity from email, but then when I login that time, no more. It says all opportunity have been taken. I login only after 10 minutes I received my mail, but then nothing one. Sucks!

Payperpost, I love you. Because I have successfully made $36.01 and still have $15 haven't payout, going to payout. But the bad is my blogs are PR0, so I can hardly find new opportunities to write. That's a down point, if you have a blog more than PR3 then Payperpost is definitely a yes yes for you. You can enjoy making money by writing some short sponsored post. 

Blogsvertise, another paid post service on the Internet. At first, I received to request on paid post. I wrote one and the other one I abandoned it because I don't have time that time, I was busy with school work. So I just received $7.50 from 1 advertiser. Until now, I still got nothing to write. Maybe my blog is PR0? I also don't know why. 

SponsoredReviews. I have tried to bid for some post. I got 3 bid rejected. Most probably because my blog is not highly rank yet. But then I manage to bid for 2 post which is $5 and get paid $6.50. You guys might say I am a cheap blogger, but then I am new to make money online business, so even little money, I will never let go the chance. 

Advertlets, my only ads space on my blogs besides Nuffnang which is not ready yet. For your information, Advertlets is currently available to Malaysia and Singapore. It's coming to your country very soon. At first, I made some money everyday, but then it's getting lower and lower everyday. Need to draw more visitors to my blog in order to maintain the earning level. So far so good, I kinda like Advertlets.

Linkworth is great. But then I don't know how it's paying system is. Last month an advertiser bought a text link on my blog. He paid for last month, and then this month comes and he pays again. Then there is something call Affiliate Payout, I don't really understand what is it but I will be getting $30 from that thing. Unpaid balance is $48.63, looking forward to paycheck day. 

Big money maker for big blog : Google Adsense.
Everytime, I will recommend Google Adsense to you all, but it's not for small blog. It's for big blog, not very big, you must have lots of visitors to your site. Then you can expect money coming down from the sky real soon. Problogger out there are using it, since I am not pro enough, so I am not ready for it yet. But small blog can try out too. Sign up for AdSense.

Total (Including haven't payout):

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