Weekly Earning Report Has Become MONTHLY Earning Report

Hello, I didn't do the weekly earning report with you guys this week. I had decided to make a detail report by the end of the month and it will be monthly basis from now onwards. Well, this is because that the earning is not much, and you can't really see the different of amount of money I earned, the number is small. Maybe with a month time, I can earn more, then every month, I will get different amount of earning. Being a new blogger making money online is hard, need to do a lot of research, reading and writings. Let's wait and see how much will I earn by the end of the month.
For previous earning report you can see here :
Official Earning Report : Week 1
Official Earning Report : Week 2



    On 1:40 PM moneygod said...

    ya...earn money by blogging is not as easy as it seems...

    After running a blog seriously more than 1 month, I realise how much effort and time one has to put to sustain a blog.

    So you change your blog layout to misty look? Wow...such a hot template recently...John chow, john cow, john buffalo all are using it.

    btw, nice blog. keep it up!!!

    On 9:12 AM iCalvyn said...

    got john cat or john dog or not? kekekeke

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