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Have you heard about LinkWorth before? I just started trying LinkWorth recently. LinkWorth is a Internet Advertising company like Google Adsense, Text Link Ads and PayPerPost. You can choose from different format of ads to place on your site, you can sell text link, write paid post and their affiliate service which allow you to make money online by refering LinkWorth to others.

Well, so far, I have submitted 2 blogs into LinkWorth, my personal weblog and iNicholas. An advertiser already bought a link to be place on my personal website. Yay, it will be another source of my online income.

[image] a link space bought by advertisers at my blog.

It's payment system is like this, if you sell text link on your blog, you set your own price and LinkWorth will pay you 70% of the price you set. You know, I have my blog approved at Text Link Ads for months but no advertiser want to buy links at my site, most probably because 0PR (It used to be PR3 but after getting a domain, it become 0PR again), but with LinkWorth, after a few weeks, I sold a link at my blog. Happy of course.

The more visitors to your blog, the more you sells. As with LinkWorth, they don't care about PageRank, Technorati Ranking so much, but care about how many Visits per month, the more the better.

Besides that, if you have multiple blogs and submit all, you get a chance to earn more. I haven't install the ads code yet, may try in the future. LinkWorth pays you via PayPal Check or direct deposit (US Banks Only) and its minimum payout rate for check is $25 which is get paid faster than Google AdSense.

Basically, LinkWorth consist all kinds of ads publishing format from contextual ads, paid post, and text link. I think it's kinda cool and worth it to give it a try as it will be another source of your online income. Sign up for LinkWorth now! It's very easy to make money online.


    Great post. I might give this a go but I'm struggling to let go of my one and only love, AdSense.

    Looking forward to reading more of your stuff.

    On 6:02 PM Nicholas said...

    Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog. Well, if you are earning well with AdSense, then I suggest you stick to it, if not, you can try alternative like LinkWorth, or on the other hand, you can sell text link on your site with LinkWorth. =)

    On 10:51 PM Wes said...

    Hm interesting, do they have alot of advetisers on there, or smaller than text-link-ads?

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