That's a long title. Let's get into the topic. I have just found out why I said my blog still can't "dofollow" with comment. Now it can, 100% do follow now.

The problem is because I uses the iframe comment hack which installed the comment window into the same page of a post with iframe. With that kind of commenting system, even though the nofollow tag is removed, the comment shown in the iframe comment window is still nofollow because that iframe window is actually the popup of the comment window. I remove the "nofollow" tag in my blog, BUT not in the popup window. It's impossible to edit the html code for the popup window.

If without using the iframe hack, your comment will be show on the same page of the post not in the iframe window. So if shown in the same page of the post, the comment will "follow" because "nofollow" tag is removed in my whole blog template.

Now, it's back to the normal comment system which require you to type in a popup window. After submiting your comment, your comment will appear in the post page, then any link in the comment, or link of your name will get a linkback from here.

Still looking a solution to post comment straight from the page without popup so that it will be easier for my lovely readers. But if want to use the previous comment hack, then it will be nofollow, I better choose the hard way so that it benefits you guys.

Let's spam my comment box and get lots of linkback! Just kidding, haha.


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