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This time I write a more detail one. Recently, I just report on I got a little increase of new visitors to this blog. I am happy. So I am sharing with you of what I have did.

All I have done is just with a few clicks. In simple, I just submitted my post into social bookmarking sites. However, there are a lot of social bookmarking sites, if you are a patience person, maybe you can submit one by one.

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If you are lazy like me, you can try out OnlyWire. With OnlyWire, you can do multiple social bookmarking submission. But before you can submit any of your post to all the social bookmarking site, you need to have a account to every one of it.

Here is a list of social bookmarking site that you can submit with OnlyWire :
Blue Dot

If you already have account for the above social bookmarking site, CONGRATULATION, you are ready to boost your site traffic. After you sign up for OnlyWire, you are require to put one of the shortcut at your browser shortcut area, mostly is below the Address bar. Drag the require link to there.

When you at your post page, click on that link then a there will be a form for you to type in the tile of post, tags and description. After typing all those, click Bookmark, and you are done. Wait to see new visitors come visit your blog.

Now, I do this with every new post I have write. 1 is to share with people what I have wrote and to increase traffic. I am not digging out my old post to bookmark because those might be outdated. Submit too much may consider as spam, if have multiple post, submit at different times, like 10 minutes later.

Tell me what do you think of it at the comment area. Smile Always ! =]


    On 2:07 AM Webtools said...

    Nice info,
    I agree that onlywire is a great and fast service and much better than socializer.

    But I had a problem with onlywire. The bookmarks, which I add, are saved to my profile in various bookmarking sites but they never appear on the main area. I mean others can't see them. I have tried to save them by marking them public. Even if I do a search, I am not able to find my article, although it is very much available in my profile. I don't know what is wrong.

    Could you please show some light.

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