iPhone's Rival, Meizu MiniOne Specs Leaked

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When Apple announced the iPhone, we were amaze by the design, the screen resolution and the multitouch function. But later on, Meizu, a China company showed off their Meizu MiniOne which look almost like the iPhone running Windows Mobile 6 platform with high resolution screen but sorry no multitouch.

This cool iPhone rival's spec is leaked. I was surprised by the specs which really made me choose MiniOne over iPhone. And her comes the Meizu :
  • Windows CE 6
  • ARM11 533mhz (Samsung) processor
  • TFT Touch Screen (16M colours)
  • 720x480 resolution
  • 3megapixel rear camera, VGA front camera
  • Bluetooth, WiFi, DMB Tuner, GPS, Video Output
  • Plays AVI, Mpeg 4, WMV in full resolution (720x480)
  • 4GB - 16GB
  • Priced between $260 - $450 (Yay, no contract)
meizu big
The price is way lower than the Apple iPhone ($599 for 8GB, $499 for 4GB w/ 2 years phone service contract) and a lot of the feature iPhone don't have like 3G, GPS, WiFi, Video Output... Apple iPhone don't actually act as a smartphone, the price is high and the features are pretty limited.
If this product really makes it to a prototype stage, it will surely be attacked by Apple in court. Let’s just hope for the best and that maybe we’ll soon see this overdose of (affordable) goodness in our hands too.
[via Coolest-Gadgets]
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    On 2:37 PM teddY said...

    Oh my Meizu is just waiting for Apple to slap it with a hefty lawsuit for copying its design. It is pretty obvious that it is following the footsteps of iPhone since the icons on the handphone screen looks almost identical to those found on iPhone.

    Anyway it is also part of Steve Job's failure to announce the iPhone so early before the official release date. Normally Apple is super tight-lipped about its new products until the day they put them up the shop shelves...

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