Make Money Online Must Have : Own Domain Name

After doing some research online, I found out that most "How To Make Money Online/SEO" site have their own domain.

However, there are site making money online on a hosted domain ect,, popular site hosted on these free domain are BloggingSecret, How To Make It Work, Digital Inspiration and former Kumiko CashQuest. It doesn't mean that you should not have your own domain. Even Louiss Lim of Blogging Secret and Kumiko of CashQuests said that it's a mistake not having a domain at first. BUT, if your site is as popular as Cashquests, when switching to a new domain from a free domain, you won't be worry of losing your pagerank and Alexa ranking but the problem is on Technorati ranking, Kumiko just changed his domain in this month and just wrote a post on why he loves his new domain. This is because that you need other people to re-link to your new domain.

Why am I not hosted on a domain?
I am trying to make my first $10 with PayPerPost. After they approved my post, and I will have $6 in PayPal. Then, I will buy my domain. I don't have a credit card, my age not eligiable for a credit card and also I have no income. I just bought for my personal weblog with my mom's credit card and I don't want to spend 2nd time for it.
Not I don't want to get a domain, I am waiting for my $$$.

Why you should get a domain?
If you use PayPerPost, you'll know that some opportunity (offer) are available for you to write, but not all you can write to earn $$$, some advertiser need your blog to have high page rank etc. page rank 5,6,7, high Alexa rank, and high Technorati rank and lastly, some advertiser only limit their offer to own domain name (*.com, *.net, *.org, [dot]blablabla) but not free domain like (*, *, *, or myspace). If you have your own domain, you get a wide range of opportunity to write and they get paid!
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If you don't have PayPerPost, having own domain is good because it's more easy to tell people your website. Like when you meet someone, you want to tell them your site, you'll say "Hey buddy, check out my site at NICKCHAN DOT NET", if you tell them "Hey buddy, visit my blog at NICKCHAN DOT BLOGSPOT DOT COM", they might remember at first but when they get home, they may forget it and thinking about "Just now what site did he tell me? NICKCHAN DOT WHAT ALREADY ?"

So, get yourself a domain now! =)
1 Domain isn't very expensive, registering your domain at 1&1 is only $5.99 while NAMECHEAP is at $7.98 after key in coupon. I used NAMECHEAP for my

If you don't like to use Blogger, get yourself a webhosting plan and use Wordpress. The down side for Blogger is the feature is still limited, but there's a lot of hacks and tweak out there. :)

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