Long Way To Go

[image removed, scared google ban me, haha]

I like this song Long Way To Go by Cassie. See my Google Adsense!! I only earned $10.59 in total and today's earning is only $0.0x. Man, this is a newbie income, so LONG WAY TO GO to paycheck. Any ideas to improve my earning? Comments are welcome.

On the other hand, I still waiting PayPerPost to approve my post. If it is approved, then that will be my first $6.00 that I earn online. Already one day already! Still wating for their email.

Let's make money online together, shall we?


    On 9:53 AM CMS said...

    I would like to suggest you to read the tips from problogger.net There are so many tips for online making money. I hope you can get some idea from that site.

    I'm a newbie as well and also try to improve blogging skill :)

    Happy Blogging :) c ya around



    On 1:21 PM TerryG said...

    Its against Google rules to post your earnings like that. You will never make money with adsense on a blogger account as they share the profits quite heavily. Transfer to Oxado or some other ppc. My Blog tells all

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