Apple MacBook Gets Upgrade

I know this is kinda old news, last Wednesday. But I want to share my thoughts about it. I always wish to own a Mac, but they are kinda expensive. Last time, you can get a laptop with higher specs at the same price of MacBook for its design and Mac OS. I have to say that Apple's design are great, but as a student, I can't afford a expensive laptop. I can get a cheaper laptop but have same specs with the MacBook last time, but now the MacBook upgraded their processor, ram and hard disk drive capacity, it's really a good deal.

MacBookSame lovable MacBook. New lovable speed. Intel Core 2 Duo up to 2.16GHz, 1GB of RAM, SuperDrive, up to 200GB hard drive.

Today, I went to Sony Centre and saw Vaio C series on display, it's RM400 (RM4,488) more expensive than the cheapest MacBook White. They have almost the same specs just that the Vaio C come with a SuperDrive while the MacBook White only come with a ComboDrive. On the down side for the Vaio C, it lack Webcam and 1GB ram which MacBook White do come with it. And the cheapest MacBook here in Malaysia is RM4,099.

BuyApple in Malaysia
Apple Store, Penang (CG Computers, Premium Reseller)
Apple U.S. Store


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