Sleek Samsung U3

Isn't it more convenience to have a Build-In-USB + MP3 player + Slim at the same time? Samsung have it. The Samsung YP-U3 is the successor of the YP-U3 which probably compete with iPod Shuffle and Creativer Zen Stone. I would say it win iPod Shuffle and Zen Stone a few plus point with it's retractable port USB, OLED 4 lines display and with FM function. Don't forget it will available in several colours. Capacity ranged from 1GB to 4GB.
Samsung's YP-U3 just made an appearance in France where Generation MP3 pulled an exclusive first look at the nostalgic YEPP audio stick. While confirming the specs we've already seen, GMP3 tells us that the U3 will be set free in Europe this June with prices topping out at €129/$174 for what figures to be the 4GB player. But it's not like we're saving up or anything.
[via engadget]


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