Some people may have 2 or few Live Messenger account, and so they wanted to run a few Live Messenger at the same time. Most easy solution for them are open Windows Messenger and Windows Live Messenger at the same time, but this limited to 2 only.

So I got a solution here for you and software recommendation. A-Patch, this little messenger patcher helps you patch your Live Messenger and remove a lot of useless stuff like advertisement, nudge delays and more unwanted stuff and also allow you to do POLYGAMY. POLYGAMY is having a few Windows Live Messenger running at the same time. Here is the list of features.

Download A-Patch here. Very small file only.

Then, close your running Live Messenger. Open the file that you have downloaded.

Choose the things that you want to remove or patch.

Finish the setup then you are ready to go.

Multiple Live Messenger =)

You will also can nudge people a lot of time if you select "Remove Nudge Delay".


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