Make Money Online With PayPerPost

PayPerPost is an advertising company that pays blogger for review. I recommend this service to all of you because making money online with PayPerPost is easy. But being a newcomer, don't expect high pay.

For a new blogger, you can't sign up with PayPerPost yet. According to the site, it says that only blogs with 90 days old are able to sign up and then start reviewing. techlah is only a few days old, so I shall have to wait for 3 months and before that I need to drive more traffic to here first.

I recently just sign up for it with my Personal Weblog (Nicholas Chan's Blog), and reviewed a post. The pay for first review I did is $7.50, but I haven't receive the pay yet, still waiting PayPerPost to recheck my post. I made a mistake, I did not disclose the post, so PayPerPost rejected me and they require me to resubmit it again. So, I submit it again.

Top PayPerPost user, Chan, a Malaysian problogger has already made $8k with it, so what you waiting for? Join PayPerPost now.


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