10 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

While I was searching for how to improve SEO, I found 10 tips on how to increase blog traffic by Markus Merz. He make a list of it and he calls it "My cooking recipe for fast SEO results". Here is the list of it :
  1. Clain your blog at blog services like Technorati. Fill in all keywords for every single blog.
  2. Ping your blog using Pingoat or Ping-O-Matic.
  3. User Feedburner for feed publishing
  4. Bookmark every article at del.icio.us.
  5. Use extensive tagging and keywording inside your articles and on services like del.icio.us.
  6. Trackback, if you write about another blog or linking to other blogs.
  7. Use Flickr for your photos. Link to the articles in your Flickr descriptions. Don’t forget to tag your photos.
  8. If using a photo from somebody else (from Flickr or other sources) for one of your articles always ask for permission and after publishing the picture add a comment with a link to your article. It is polite to add the photographer as contact and to make the used picture a personal 'favorite'.
  9. If you are linking to somebody, send them an email about your link. Ask them to inform you if they have something interesting for you to blog about.
  10. Add a link to a keyword in Wikipedia whenever possible.
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