Make Money Online First Step

This is a very simple tutorial for people, beginner who want to starts making money online. Enjoy.
First, have your own email address. I recommend Gmail for this.

Second, sign up for a web hosting to host your blog or alternative free way is by using Blogger or Wordpress.
If you are using blogger, choose a good name, easy to remember will be better and something that attracts people.

How to make a blog with Blogger (Video)

Start posting interesting stories, posts in your blog.

At least have 10 posts first, then Sign Up for Google Adsense.

Wait for Google to approve you.

When you got approved, you are ready to add the ad code into your blog.
Place it anywhere you think viewer will click, etc After Post Title, Below Site Title.

Starts attracting reader to your blog to increase blog traffic.

If you earn enough or your pocket have extra cash, get a domain for yourself.


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