Shoe Flash Drive Rips of Nike Design

I’m sure Nike won’t appreciate this one. A USB flash drive in the form of an athletic shoe, that obviously has the Nike swoosh on the side. Pop the toe off the shoe and it reveals the USB connector allowing you to plug the show into your USB port. Storage capacity is 1GB. The shoe drive is compatible with both windows and Mac and measures in at 65mm w x 25mm d x 25mm h. You can buy your own shoe flash drive for about $20. This reminds me of something Maxwell Smart would use, in the remake of Get Smart. The shoe drive comes with a small chain allowing you to use it as a keychain. I wonder if Nike will even bother shutting this thing down for infringing on its trademarks.
[via EverythingUSB]
I would say this little thing is cool as I love Nike Shoes! Going out wearing Nike sneakers, pants, shirt, and also this blink blink Nike-Shoe-USB Flash Drive, then you sure get people's attention.


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