Dell's Super-Slim LCD Monitor

[image] from Gearlog.

At Dell's launch of its "Hybrid Business" strategy today, the company spent a few minutes talking about its history of developing new standards, and forcing them on the industry. One of the standards discussed: Display Port. This new interconnect, according to Dell CTO Kevin Kettler, will redefine what an LCD monitor looks like.

It will support up to 4x the current HDTV resolutions, allow for integrated peripherals around the display, and will let you daisychain multiple monitors, rather than installing them in a star configuration. Everyting, including audio, microphone, panel I/O and more will all go through a single bi-directional cable.

Even better, by eliminating a lot of the electronics used for video conversion, new LCD monitors will be super-thin, and super sleek. The prototype, displayed above, should be available later this year. It's only about a half an inch thick. Display Port also promises to make notebook monitors thinner too, said Kettler.

[via Gearlog]

I am shock when I see this, the screen is so thin. Still don't know when will be available on Dell's Store yet. As I know, it will uses the DisplayPort 1.1 interface which allows Dell to keep the panel until so so so thin. It will support up the 4x the current HDTV resolution (OMG, x4 1920x1080), your pimple on your face will be more noticeable. This monitor, damn hot.


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