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I've forgotten where I read about SMORTY. Anyway, I just found another PayPerPost-liked service, it is Smorty. I don't know much about Smorty, I am new to it. Their service is like PayPerPost but the pay is quite low. Why am I talking about but? I shouldn't talking the but yet. I tell you, being a newcomer to Making Money Online should not think of how low they pay is. The most important thing for me now is make my first dollar online. When your blog become more popular and you make more money that time, then you can think of further plan and make more $$. =D

Ok, let's back to smorty. I signed up Smorty with my personal blog. So there are only 4 opportunities for me and I have submit 1 review. I found out that there is a advertiser that can be found in PayPerPost and Smorty, but he offer $6 with PayPerPost while Smorty offer $4.80, I don't care, I just want to make my first dollar online! :) I still not getting used to Smorty so I think that maybe a higher ranking blog get higher pay opportunity (smorty user please share your experience).

Now you got another source of making money $$ online. Happy making $$ !


    On 4:49 PM imelda said...

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