TMNet Streamyx 4MB Broadband Is Here

While the Singaporean are enjoying 10mbps Internet service, we Malaysian just announced the 4mbps broadband by TMNet. Yes, it's finally here! But the price is nono. Currently RM198/month on promotion for people who sign up before 17th June 2007, thereafter s RM268/month. This is good for people who have a few computers at home sharing an Internet connection.

TMNet Launched 4M Streamyx Broadband Package
Image from LiewCF : Broadband package price.

If compare to our neighbour country Singapore, Singtel provides Singaporean 5mbps broadband service at $49.95 which is RM110.83. Let's take the promotion price, RM198-RM110.83=RM87.17. RM87.17 is a lot of money and with for a cheaper price, they get 1mbps faster than our fastest home broadband package.

And even, their fastest is not 4mbps but is 10mpbs for home and still cheaper than our 4mbps. Their 10mbps package is $68(RM150.95). This sucks man! I think this is because that broadband penetration in our country is just 7%, guys, you should starts using broadband at home and throw away dial-up, more broadband user, more broadband package, and pay less!
Now my current 512KBps already not stable already, sometime fast sometime slow, please give us stable connection. If you TMNET can give us a sure answer that this 4mb package is very stable, then I'll say why not give it a try?

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Note : 4m package is not available everywhere in Malaysia, available at limited place only.


    On 10:18 PM Anonymous said...

    They are earning SGD while we are having RM.

    Blaming the high price for low penetration is like saying Honda's cars are more expensive because proton were bought in bigger quantities. That's just a reverse in cause and effect.

    Drop the price and adoption rate will raise.

    It helps if the speed is anywhere near the promised speed too.

    And the biggest help? How about not making it a &^^%* monopoly in malaysia? When did monopoly ever work for consumer?

    Yes, I'm supremely bitter about the price and even more so about the speed.

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