Halo 3 In Store On September 23

Microsoft last year announced the Halo 3 for the Xbox 360 and many Halo fans just can't wait for the Halo 3 to be release. Bungie Studio revealed the date for the release of this great title on September 25. It is earlier then expected date which is likely to be around winter this year.
Bungie Studios revealed that Halo 3 will break with tradition and arrive nearly two months ahead of its anticipated mid-November launch. The Xbox 360-exclusive shooter will ship on September 25 in North America and Australia, and will ship in Europe the following day. The game has not yet been rated, but is available in three different retail packages: the $59.99 standard edition, the $69.99 limited edition, and the $129.99 "Legendary Edition" complete with a replica of the Master Chief's helmet.
I, myself don't own a Xbox 360 but I played the previous title Halo 2 before on my friend's Xbox. Just addicted to it. So while waiting this game to release, I must save my allowance for Xbox 360! =] Good news to Halo fan out there.

[via gamespot]


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