Use Google Reader to Read Feeds

I read feeds with Google Reader everyday so I recommend it to you guys. I feel it's better to read feed in browser than in a feed reader software. I've tried a couple of feed reader software, but none of it is nice, the UI sucks and I hate the load time.

Google Reader UI and Expanded Post View.

Why I loves Google Reader?
Google Reader is very easy to use. Just point yourself to Google Reader website and you can start reading the news and also it load very fast and smoothly. It is because that when you sign in to Google account, Google stay you login to it and no need type your username and password again. No double click, everything is done with a click and there is a number beside the title to shows that how many item is new which you haven't read it.

List View, read the title of the post first before going into the post.

Bookmarked Google Reader, put a shortcut on your desktop, so every time you start up your computer or your browser, you can quickly get into Google Reader and enjoy reading the feed you have subscribe.


I will soon come up with how to subscribe to feed for newbie and why you should subscribe to feed. :) Cheer. I bet it's easier to read blog via RSS, meaning that reading a blog on feed aggregator like Google Reader.

Go to Google Reader Now.


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