iPhone releasing on 29th June

[image from Engadget.com]

From Engadget.com, so it is confirmed that this iPhone will be releasing on 29th June, so it's like 3 more weeks to go until it release and ready to use by geeks. One more thing is the ads are up on Apple's site, you can check it out.

Hey! It's only US, what about us in Asia?
Still remember last time when iPhone was announced during the keynote? It is stated that will be hit Asia shores in 2007. So let's wait and see.

To me, only iPhone's design and multitouch screen attracted me, other than that is boring, I want more capacity, WiFi and 3G.

Do you want an iPhone? Do you like it?


    On 6:04 PM Anonymous said...

    steve jobs once stated that the iPhone might come in 3G too eu noe...
    i thought the iPhone already has wi-fi (o.O)

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