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Text Link Ads

Do you know Text Link Ads? Text Link Ads maybe a better way to earn some $ from your blog. If you have a blog that have lots of traffic but reader don't seems to click on your Adsense or other advertisement on your blog, then Text Link Ads will help you. No click will required, BUT your blog need to have good traffic, high page and Alexa rank, so advertiser will buy links on your blog.

What does buying link on your blog means?
After TLA accepted your blog, advertiser will surf through TLA site and look for a good blog with high traffic to place their link. You will need to reserve an area for TLA to add links of advertiser into it. It more likely to look like a link to other nice page rather than an advertisement. Then TLA will pay you on how many sold link that place on your blog monthly via check.

TLA pays 50% of the he sale price with you. No clicks and no page impression required. Cool right? Somemore, you can place TLA on your blog even though if you already have other contextual ad like Google Adsense.

High Google Page Rank Site and Alexa Rank will sell more links. My blog is not eligible for Text Link Ads yet as it is still a new site and very low traffic. However, why not try out their Affiliates program or get $100 in FREE links first?

So easy, sign up Text Link Ads NOW! Highly recommend it to you guys.


    On 9:26 AM angelchen said...

    For me it works much better than adsense. Since adsense makes less than $5 a month since nobody seem to click on the ads, while text-link-ads makes about $18 for me.

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