Apple released Safari browser for Windows

There a new software for download at Apple website which is Safari 3 Beta for Mac and PC. Now Windows user like me can use Safari web browser for surfing the web. You must remember that it is still in Beta phase so, it might be buggy and not perfect yet.

This was announced on the recent WWDC 07. The keynote was shown live last night at 1am Malaysian Time, because today I have school so I could not watch it last night.

I of course downloaded this browser to try out and see how good it is. I never used the previous Safari before as I am on Windows. Poor me, don't have $ to get a Mac.

Before and now, I am always using Mozilla Firefox. Althought there is Internet Explorer 7 in my PC, I hate to use it because of it is very slow to load and lag of plug-ins. What so special about the Safari 3? Nothing much I feel, it uses different font type, better looking User Interface than IE and Firefox, you know Mac is always very nice. All the other feature is just same as Firefox.

The Down Side?
It uses more memory than Firefox. Safari uses 121k MB while Firefox uses 61k MB while 2 running together at the same time. Sometimes my Firefox can go quite high. I need more RAM! I think that nowadays, most program uses a lot of memory so need at least 1GB RAM.

Apple's site claim that Safari is the world's best browser. So is it real? I don't know, I think people are starting to migrate from Internet Explorer to Firefox, but now comes another one GOOD browser, I would say, why not give it a try? Firefox still win Safari yet because of various plugins and skins for download which you give you try out new features.

Just now I tried Safari, the page load is kinda slow. Maybe is my Internet connection was slow, or maybe not, haha.

In conclusion, I like the UI, looks like iTunes for Windows, it's tabbed browsing feature, but I will still sticked with Firefox. :)

Download Safari 3 Beta
Get Firefox with Google Toolbar


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